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World War I
National WWII Memorial
Official site of the memorial dedicated May 29, 2004.
Sections include: Overview ; Dedication ; Pictures ; Construction ; Design ; Funding ; Archives ; Education ; WWII Registry ; E-Store.

General Links

[Britain] BBC History - World War Two
Sections include: Articles ; WWII Timeline ; WW2 People's War ; Multimedia Zone ; For Kids.

[Britain] National Archives Learning Curve
" an on-line teaching resource, structured to tie in with the History National Curriculum from Key Stages 2 to 5. The Learning Curve contains a varied range of original sources including documents, photographs, film and sound recordings. There are three different types of resource: Exhibitions, Focus Ons and Snapshots. Each has a distinct approach to suit different styles of learning."

  • Home Front 1939-1945
    "Galleries" include: Preparations for War ; Evacuation ; Bombing of Britain ; Empire Home Front ; Everyday Life ; Women at War ; Spies.

[Canada] Japanese Canadian Internment
Information at the University of Washington Libraries and Beyond
"The evacuation of the Japanese Canadians, or Nikkei, from the Pacific Coast in the early months of 1942 was the greatest mass movement in the history of Canada."
Sections include: General Materials ; Roots of Racism ; Internment and Redress ; Related Sites.
Introduction by Linda Di Biase, Collection Development Librarian, University of Washington Libraries; bibliography compiled by Linda Di Biase and Douglas Yancey.

[Canada] High Flyers - Canadian Women in Aviation
"This project produced a database of many personal photos, memorabilia and other archival documents, including biographies of approximately twenty women in the aviation field."
Sections include: The Early Years ; Second World War ; The 1950s-1960s ; The 1970s-1990s.

[Germany] Virtual Library History - Third Reich and World War II
"The section 'Third Reich and World War II' of Virtual Library Geschichte (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg) as part of Virtual Library History (University of Kansas) attempts an overview of selected on-line resources. The main point of view for selection and critical commentary of links is the quality of contents and scientifically character for historical employment. The contents of the catalog are most concentrated on resources of German-languages countries."
Maintained by Ralf Blank Historisches Centrum Hagen

The Generals of World War II
"This is an utopian project trying to provide biographical data on the army generals of World War II of all participating countries. So on these pages you will find information on many thousands army generals. Taking into account the scope of the project the information on each general will vary in detail."
By Steen Ammentorp, Librarian DB.

The Looting of furniture from Jewish households
"The exhibit in the "Imperial Court Depot of Movables" deals with the "aryanisation" of eight Jewish households whose confiscated furnishings were stored in the state "Depot of Movables". In mounting this exhibition, the institution is focusing on two issues: its involvement in the national socialists' racist policy of expropriation some 60 years ago, and how it dealt with this confiscated property in the decades following 1945."
Institut f¸r Interdisziplin‰re Forschung und Fortbildung der Universit‰ten Klagenfurt, Wien, Graz und Innsbruck

Military History: World War II
A rough guide to online resources with no annotations.
By Marcus Wendel

Military History: World War II (1939-1945)
A well organized collection of resources.

Nederlands Instituut voor Oorlogsdocumentatie (NIOD) (Netherlands Institute for War Documentation (Dutch or English)
"...has been in existence for more than fifty years. It is the centre in the Netherlands for information and research on the Netherlands (including the Dutch East Indies) during the Second World War...The NIOD holds archives of the German occupation of the Netherlands and the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies, as well as illegal newspapers and pamphlets, posters and photographs, books and articles."

PBS - American Masters - Robert Capa
"Nothing tells a story like a picture - and Robert Capa's pictures are some of the most famous in the world. Capa, the preeminent documentarian of 20th century war, photographed five epic conflicts on three different continents."
Sections include: Feature Essay ; Career Timeline ; Additional Footage ; Filmmaker Interview ; For Teachers.

PBS - Secrets of the Dead - Bridge on the River Kwai
"Watch video clips from an interview with Howard Brooks, a retired U.S. Navy officer who was captured by the Japanese army in February 1942 and spent the remainder of the war working as a POW on the Thailand-Burma railway."
Sections include: Background ; Clues and Evidence ; Interview ; Resources.

War and War-Era Movies
Sections include: US Civil War ; World War I ; Spanish Civil War ; World War II ; Korean War ; Vietnamese War ; World War III.
UC Berkeley - Media Resources Center (German)
"Der Zweite Weltkrieg - Geschichte und Verlauf des großen Krieges."
" part of the the German Shoa project and features comprehensive information on the Second World War."

Maintained by Mike Madin.
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