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CAIRS-web (Non-print Materials)
"CairsWeb offers similar search facilities to GeoWeb, and the views available on the database enable the user to search three categories of material. The Framed Works of Art database covers the Library's substantial holdings of art works, mainly of Welsh interest, with fine examples of landscape, portraiture and genre pictures. Digitised examples of over 4000 works are provided on these pages. The Map database now includes the complete records of all maps accessioned since 1984, all antiquarian maps and atlases, all architectural plans and drawings, and most of the Library's railway plans and drawings."

A2A: The Access to Archives Project
"The Public Record Office is the repository of the national archives for England, Wales and the United Kingdom...The PRO is the treasure house of the nation's memory. Included on its 90 miles of shelving are a hugely diverse range of historical documents including returns for parliamentary elections in 1275, lists of Elizabeth I's jewels, Shakespeare's will, Guy Fawkes' confession, and the first American newspaper. There is Captain Bligh's account of the mutiny on The Bounty, Napoleon's post mortem, decrypts of the British Ambassador's despatches describing the start of the Russian Revolution, the abdication instrument signed by Edward VIII, minutes of Churchill's war cabinet and and 617 squadron's account of the busting of the Mohne and Eder dams. The PRO is an invaluable resource for academic researchers, local historians, genealogists and many other groups of readers."

Digital Library of Historical Directories
"...a digital library of eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century local and trade directories from England and Wales."
"Directories of counties and towns are among the most important sources for local and genealogical studies. They include lists of names, addresses and occupations of the inhabitants of the counties and towns they describe, and successive editions reflect the changes in the localities over a period of time...This online collection will bring together a greater number and range of directories than any one repository could provide."
- University of Leicester New Opportunities Fund

Uniting the Kingdoms?
"The exhibition looks at some key themes in the history of the Middle Ages. It is an introduction for readers new to the subject and a reference tool for those studying the period. It also provides images of over seventy key documents."
Includes five main galleries (Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland and France), maps, and monarchs.
- Public Record Office (PRO)

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