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American Centuries...view from New England
"...features a digital collection of approximately 1,800 objects and transcribed document pages from Memorial Hall Museum and Library...One section of the American Centuries site is an interactive exhibit that focusses [sic] on three past 'turns of the centuries'ó1700, 1800 and 1900...This site includes an array of classroom lessons on the elementary, middle, and secondary levels written and tested by classroom teachers under the direction of curriculum specialists."
Sections include: Digital Collection ; Turns Exhibit ; Activities ; In The Classroom ; Chronology ; My Collection ; People & Places.
Memorial Hall Museum, Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association

American Indian History and Related Issues
"This world wide site is a developing site supervised by Professor Troy Johnson and is dedicated to the presentation of unique artwork, photographs, video and sound recordings which accurately reflect the history, culture and richness of the Native American experience in North America and has been expanded to include Indian people of Central America and Mexico."
American Indian Studies Program, California State University

A Biography of America
"...is a telecourse and video series that presents American history as a living narrative. This series web site lets you delve further into the topics of the 26 video programs...For each program you'll find an interactive feature related to the subject or the time period of the program. In addition, you'll find a listing of key events of the period, a map relevant to the period, the transcript of the video program, and a "Webography" - a set of annotated web links. You will most likely want to watch the video program before using its related web segments, but you can use either independently."
Produced by WGBH Interactive for Annenberg/CPB.

History Matters
The U.S. Survey on the Web
"Designed for high school and college teachers on U.S. History courses. This site serves as a gateway to Web resources and offers useful materials for teaching U.S. history...We emphasize materials that focus on the lives of ordinary Americans and actively involve students in analyzing and interpreting evidence."
A project of the American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning of the City University of New York and the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University.

Learning Page
"The Learning Page is a web site designed to help teachers, students, and life-long learners use the American Memory digital collections from the Library of Congress. The site provides guidance to finding and using items within these primary source collections....If you're curious about the collections in American Memory and want to know more, some good starting points are Search Help and Feature Presentations. You can also Learn More about individual collections....If you're a student, check out the Activities and what's New to begin your exploration of American history...If you're a teacher, take a look at Educators' Programs and Lesson Ideas to find possibilities for using primary source materials in your classroom."
- American Memory Project, Library of Congress

Presidents of the United States
"...you will find background information, election results, cabinet members, presidency highlights, and some odd facts on each of the presidents. Links to biographies, historical documents, audio and video files, and other presidential sites."
- From the Internet Public Library

Smithsonian - National Air and Space Museum (NASM)
"...maintains the largest collection of historic air and spacecraft in the world. It is also a vital center for research into the history, science, and technology of aviation and space flight."

Supreme Court Historical Society
Sections include: About the Society ; History of the Court ; How the Court Works ; Society Publications ; Learning Center ; Researching the Court.

TimePage History Links
A very well organized collection of general American history links, mostly arranged by historic 'cycles'

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