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University of Washington Digital Collections
"...a growing number of collections from the University of Washington Libraries and faculty in such diverse areas as the humanities, the natural sciences, and the regional cultures of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. The site includes the award-winning project American Indians of the Pacific Northwest. These collections are especially strong in Seattle history, architecture, labor and industry, the Klondike Gold Rush, and our natural environment."

Washington State Historical Society
Includes the online exhibits Golden Dreams: The Quest for the Klondike and Northwest Imagery: The Photography of Edward & Asahel Curtis

Columbia River History
A Changing Columbia Basin, 1770-Present"
Sections include: The Columbia Basin in 1770 ; The Columbia Basin in 1940 ; The Columbia Basin Now ; Other Salmon Links.
"This information is available as a free Oregon Sea Grant publication"

Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project
Sections include: What's New ; Environmental Impact Statement ; Implementation ; Science ; Spatial Data ; List of Acronyms.

Kennewick Man - See Anthropology - Kennewick Man

[Makah] NativeReligion.org
"Under the auspices of the Pluralism Project at Harvard University, to which Michael McNally is a Research Affiliate, this site explores the intersection between law, religion, and Native American traditions in historic and recent cases -- many of them pending -- where Native American communities have sought protection for 'sacred' lands, practices, objects, and human remains that are arguably, if not solely or plainly, matters of religious freedom."

Washington Forest Law Center
"...is a nonprofit corporation providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance and specializes in cases involving timber harvest and public resource issues on state and private lands."

History of Seattle and King County
Maybe the best local history sites on the Internet.
Includes over 1000 essays online, searchable archive, including extensive coverage of the WTO meetings, marches, and riots. Additional sections include a 10 minute history of Seattle, This Week in Seattle, Milestones in King County History, King County Community History Newsletter, and Rosters of Local War Dead.

Camp Harmony Exhibit
"This exhibit tells the story of Seattle's Japanese American community in the spring and summer of 1942 and their four month sojourn at the Puyallup Assembly Center known as "Camp Harmony."
- University of Washington Libraries

Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle
"As many of you have heard through the news media and eyewitness reports, five staff members from our Federation -- Cheryl Stumbo, Dayna Klein, Carol Goldman, Layla Bush and Christina Rexroad -- were shot [July 2006] and taken to Harborview Medical Center. We are hopeful that ongoing reports of their improving conditions continues."

Pacific Northwest Quarterly
"...is the leading scholarly journal devoted to the history and culture of the northwestern United States, Alaska, and western Canada."
Selected articles available online.

Suquamish Tribe - Chief Seattle

Chief Seattle and Chief Joseph: From Indians to Icons
University of Washington Libraries Digital Collections

"Thus Spoke Chief Seattle: The Story of An Undocumented Speech"
Prologue: Quarterly of the National Archives and Records Administration, Spring 1985, vol. 18, no. 1. By Jerry L. Clark.

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