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TSHA [Texas State Historical Association] Online
A Digital Gateway to Texas History at the University of Texas at Austin

Gammel's The Laws of Texas (Volumes 1-10) 1822-1897
"...has long been one of the most important primary resources for the study of Texas' complex history during the Nineteenth Century. His monumental compilation charts Texas from the time of colonization through to statehood and reveals Texas' legal history during crucial times in its development. The Laws consist of documents not only covering each congressional and legislative session but comprise other documents of significance, including the constitutions, select journals from the constitutional conventions, and early colonization laws."
- Government Documents Dept., University of North Texas Libraries

PBS - Accordion Dreams
A film produced and directed by Hector Galan, narrated by Tish Hinojosa
"The arrival of the European button accordion to Texas and its merging with traditional Mexican songs gave birth to an explosive new sound... ACCORDION DREAMS captures this exhilarating musical style featuring yesterday's and today's squeezebox trailblazers."
Sections include: All About Conjunto ; Pioneers/Innovators and Today ; Cultures of Music and Dance ; Amazing Accordion ; Timeline ; Fun Facts & Terms ; About the Film.

PBS - American Experience - Remember the Alamo (February 2004)
Companion website to the PBS broadcast.
"The one-hour documentary Remember the Alamo explores the life of the famed Tejano leader and his efforts to protect the sovereignty of his homeland as it passed through the hands of multiple governments."
Sections include: The Film ; Special Features ; Timeline ; Maps : People & Events ; Teacher's Guide.

The Texas Constitutions Digitization Project
"The goal of the Texas Constitutions Project is to digitize the various versions of the Texas Constitution and to make digital versions of the documents available online together with explanatory text and images
Presented by the Tralton Law Library at the University of Texas School of Law.

The Texas Memorial Museum at UT Austin

Texas Tides
Tides in Early Texas History
"We created two web portals through Texas Tides.
Half of our project is a web site geared for fourth and seventh grade Texas history students and teachers and the other half of the project is a database of over 5,000 digitized primary resources."
- Collaborative project between the East Texas Research Center, The Stone Fort Museum, the Sam Houston Memorial Museum, the Newton Gresham Library and the Huntsville Public Library.

See also our Branch Davidians/Waco page.

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