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Cybrary of the Holocaust
A moving site with images, interviews, children's essays and artwork, and discussion forums. Also included are online books by survivors, education resources, and much more.
By Michael Dunn

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Association of Holocaust Organizations

The Web Centre also provides a hub for Beth Shalom 'project' sites:

  • Aegistrust.org details the Aegis Genocide Prevention Initiative, launched by Beth Shalom's directors in 2000 to identify the causes, predict the development and prevent the incidence of genocide.
  • RFTF.org represents 'Remembering for the Future', a highly respected scholars' platform for the development of the field of Holocaust and genocide studies, which has now been brought under the auspices of Beth Shalom."

Claims Conference
Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
"The mission of the Claims Conference over its 50-year history has always been to secure what we consider a small measure of justice for Jewish victims of Nazi persecution. We have pursued this goal through a combination of negotiations, disbursing funds to individuals and organizations, and seeking the return of Jewish property lost during the Holocaust."

H-Holocaust Home Page
"...exists so scholars of the Holocaust can communicate with each other using this innovative and exciting new technology, and makes available diverse bibliographical, research and teaching aids."
Includes archives of all past discussions, review projects, academic announcements, resources, and Internet links. The links are more academic than those listed in the Cybrary of the Holocaust.

Holocaust and War Victims Tracing Center
"...is a national clearinghouse for persons seeking the fates of loved ones missing since the Holocaust and its aftermath. We assist U.S. residents searching for proof of internment, forced/slave labor, or evacuation from former Soviet territories on themselves or family members. This documentation may be required for reparations."
- American Red Cross

A very well organized site including sections on Organizations, Archives & References, Personal Responses, Educational Projects & Tools, List & Conference Archives, Survivors & Rescuers, and The Third Reich.
His listing of archives & references is especially useful
Maintained by David Dickerson

Jews Murdered by Country in Europe
"Source: Cited in Landau, The Nazi Holocaust, Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, 1994. These data originally appeared in Poliakov and Wulf (eds), Das Dritte Reich und die Juden: Documente und Aufsatze (Arani Verlag, GmbH, Berlin, 1955)."
From Ben S. Austin's Holocaust\Shoah Page

March of the Living International
"...is an international, educational program that brings Jewish teens from all over the world to Poland on Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, to march from Auschwitz to Birkenau, the largest concentration camp complex built during World War II, and then to Israel to observe Yom HaZikaron, Israel Memorial Day, and Yom Ha'Atzmaut, Israel Independence Day."

Positive Holocaust Education
Jewish Professional Institute
Site includes The Second World War and Jewish Education in America: The Fall and Rise of Orthodox by Rabbi Yitschak Rudomin. A complete online version of his original Columbia University Masters Thesis.

Yad Vashem on the Internet
"Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority, was established in 1953 by an act of the Israeli Knesset...Yad Vashem's task is to perpetuate the legacy of the Holocaust to future generations so that the world never forgets the horrors and cruelty of the Holocaust. Its principal missions are commemoration and documentation of the events of the Holocaust, collection, examination and publication of testimonies to the Holocaust, the collection and memorialization of the names of Holocaust victims, research and education."

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