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Absolute Egyptology
"Ancient Egypt from the oldest times through the Middle Kingdom."
By Leif Andreasson

Ancient Bible History
E-mail discussion list.
"Scholarly debate. Students welcome. Personal opinions, contributions, topic suggestions, resources and other materials are invited...This is a Historical Forum and absolutely -NOT INTENDED- for church promotion or religious bias. Absolutely non-denominational. No proselytizing."

Augustine of Hippo
Sections include: Augustine's Life & Work ; Texts & Translations ; Some Commentaries ; Research Materials & Essays ; The Internet Seminar ; Images of Augustine ; Augustine & Augustinians Today.
By James J. O'Donnell, Georgetown University.

BBC History - Romans
"There are many views of the Roman way of life - from those of women, to those of the citizens of Pompeii... Find out about Roman culture in Britain, and the lasting impact of this ancient civilisation."
Sections include: The Roman Empire ; Multimiedia Zone ; Pompeii ; The Romans in Britain ; Timeline ; Roman Religion.

Revue internationale et pluridisciplinaire de religion grecque ancienne.
- Universite de Liege

Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity - (dead link)
Exhibition at the University of Michigan

University of Chicago Digital Library Projects

  • Ancient Near East and the Mediterranean World
    "The project focused on materials published between 1850 - 1950, drawn from two of the Library's complimentary collections, the Ancient Near East and Classics Collections. Preserved materials relate to the study of the ancient Near East and cover such topics as the archaeology, art, history, language, law, and religions of Sumer, Babylonia, Assyria, Egypt, Nubia, Persia, and other ancient peoples of Anatolia and the Fertile Crescent. Classics materials span the time from the rise of Bronze Age Aegean culture through the period in the Middle Ages and include volumes relating to the history, art and archaeology of the classical world"

Avesta - Zoroastrian Archives
Includes a Large Selection of Scriptures

Traditional Zoroastrianism: Tenets of the the Religion
"These are the tenets of the Mazdayasni Zarathushtri religion, as accepted and preached by all the Dasturjees and religious teachers and common Zarathushtris in India."

World of Traditional Zoroastrianism

Maintained by Mike Madin, a graduate of the Univ. of Washington's Comparative Religion program.
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