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The Hindu Universe
A very significant directory with sections on languages, art, history, Temples and much more

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Archive of Indological Resources Online
Sections include: Sanskrit Studies ; Home-Study ; Dictionaries & Glossaries ; Transliteration Fonts ; Texts & Language Links ; Hindu Traditions ; Yoga ; Buddhist Traditions ; Indian Religions (other) ; Tantrism ; Art & Iconography ; Associations ; Groups & Libraries ; Journals, Papers, Magazines ; Publishers & Booksellers.
By Prof. Gudrun Buhnemann, Dept. of Languages and Cultures of Asia, The University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dvaita Home Page
The Web Resource for Sri Madhvacharya's Doctrine
"The Dvaita Home Page has been organized in a manner to help those with no previous exposure to Tattvav‚da, as well as those with a sound knowledge of it, find their way through it with ease. The page has the following major subdivisions: Ananda TÓrtha ; Scholars ; Stotra ; Bibliography ; Miscellaneous ; Picture Index ; FAQ ; List/Digest ; Kshetra."

Meeting God : Elements of Hindu Devotion
Web site to accompany exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History
Sections include: The Hindu Religion ; Morning Prayers ; Introduction ; Household ; Community ; Temple ; Processional ; Ephemeral ; Sacred Acts ; Renunciation.

The Sanatana Dharma Page
"An evergrowing collection of links on the culture of Bharat (India), which is Hinduism, or the Sanatana (Eternal) Dharma."
By Julie Maitra

SARAI: South Asia Resource Access on the Internet
"The World Wide Web Virtual Library for South Asia, designed to serve the teaching and research needs of the interdisciplinary field of South Asian Studies."
By Dr. David Magier, Director of Area Studies and South Asia Librarian, Columbia University Libraries

VINA - Vaishnava Internet News Agency
VINA is a worldwide news service for those interested in Bhakti Yoga. Features of VINA include a Database, Linkserver and Search engine. You are able to translate their articles into various languages. A well designed and useful resource for devotee and scholar alike.

www.hindu.org - The Directory of Hindu Resources Online
"...to publish and connect all Hindu organizations, leaders and resources such as news, events, publications, Vedic sciences, art, music and culture on the Internet's World Wide Web.
By the Himalayan Academy

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