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Asian Classics Input Project
"A database containing texts from the Kangyur and Tengyur (classical collections of Sanskrit literature in Tibetan translation), and the Sungbum (Tibetan language commentaries on these) transliterated into roman (ASCII) characters. These texts span the time period from the Fifth Century, BCE to the twentieth Century, CE. The database has been produced primarily for scholars of classical Asian literature and other interested persons. Text entry is accomplished by Tibetan monk scholars at Sera Mey Monastic University and other nearby centers in southern India. In addition to these texts the database contains aids to scholarship such as reference materials (including the entire listings of Sanskrit and Tibetan literature cataloged to date by the U.S. Library of Congress), DOS-based programs to view and search texts, and images scanned from the original manuscripts."

Digital Dictionaries of South Asia
"The Digital Dictionaries of South Asia Project is a collaborative effort
to widen access to South Asian Language Dictionaries. Established
dictionaries for each of the twenty-six modern literary languages of South
Asia will be mounted on the web for free and open access."

Digital South Asia Library (DSAL)
"The Digital South Asia Library is a global collaborative effort to make important and rare resources available to the international community. DSAL includes resources from many disciplines as well as a variety of data types. The component parts of the project include maps, statistics, bibliographies, union lists, indexes, photographs, books and journals, as well as a reference collection that is strong in pedagogical tools for South Asian language learning."
Project of the Center for Research Libraries

The Mother's Service Society
"The Mother's Service Society is a social science research institute in Pondicherry, S. India since 1969 doing extensive research on the application of Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga to life...This web site includes numerous original essays written over a period of thirty years by members of the Society on a wide range of theoretical and applied subjects including development theory and strategy, economics, business management, psychology, science, education and spirituality in life."

SAGAR - South Asia Graduate Research Journal
University of Texas at Austin

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