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This is very much a working/rough draft.

For our Mission Statement and Collection Development Policy see About Us. For specific questions not answered below please email us at .


Home is the link to return to Academic Info's Homepage at It is not the subject's main or homepage.

Keyword Search

This link will forward you to our Search page at . Go here if your search has unique keywords such as authors or specific subjects. On the Search page will find information on using our internal search engine. Also on the Search page you can use Google or Alta Vista to access sites outside of Academic Info.

Subject Index

This link will forward you to our Index at . Go here if you want to browse our table of contents. We currently list broad subjects to make browsing quicker but eventually we will offer two indexes: one like the current one and a second more comprehensive index.

Reference Desk

This link will forward you to our Reference Desk at . The most important part of the Reference Desk is the three pages on finding information on the Internet. There is one page devoted to Internet tutorials and finding aids. The next section is a listing of the best Internet Directories and the third section is our list of Search Engines. Like a Reference Desk in a traditional library, this is where to go for quick information and directories such as online dictionaries, encyclopedias, and newspapers. It is also a good source for general information on publishing, people finders, and quick weather updates.

Student Center

This link will forward you to our Student Center at . This our equivalent of a college student union building, counselors office and placement center. The Center begins with information for high school students planning on going to college. You can find listings of colleges and universities, admissions information, as well as financial aid and scholarship resources. college students can find listings for adjusting to college life, minority issues, college sports, college travel as well as information on graduate education. The most heavily used section is our Placement Center with listings for both recent graduates and professionals.

Subject Navigation

Social Sciences > History > U.S. > Modern > Digital Library

Digital Library > History > U.S. > Modern

These are a subject's hierarchical links. The second line above is an additional pathway to the same page. Please note that it starts out at the main Digital Library page and goes on to History Digital Library to U.S. Digital Library to end up at the Modern History Digital Library.

Page Names

Indexes & General Directories

Contains broad subject meta-indexes. Often the best sites to browse when starting an online search. These are the all-in-one pages. General Directories are more specific than the large indexes but do not belong under any of the other categories.

Reference Desk

Each subject will have its own Reference Desk. Here if you find job and placement information, online dictionaries, directories of academic departments as well as other "reference" material.

Digital Library

Like the Reference Desk each subject will have a Digital Library. Go here for online publications such as electronic journals, databases, selected reports, and working papers. We only include publications that are full-text and free to download. We list the publication by the authoring body. Unless there is a separate Museum page online museum exhibits will also be found here. Many subjects will have all the databases listed on a separate subpage.


This page will contain a listing of subject specific libraries and print collections. These are often associated with university libraries and many of them offer excellent listings of Internet resources. The descriptions will be of their print collections and most archival material is not available online.


Under the Organizations heading will be listings of professional Organizations, Associations, Institutes, and scholarly Centers. There is no attempt to be comprehensive.

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