A Well-Rounded Medical Professional: Health Services Degree

Earning a degree in health services provides students with a general background in healthcare. Many professionals find that it is hard to advance in this competitive industry without higher education. Earning a degree could help you qualify for jobs that draw more salary and offer more exciting challenges. Health services education can be earned at the associate's, bachelor's and master's degree levels. The associate's degree is usually earned through a short program that gives students the skills that they need to enter the industry. Bachelor's degrees programs give you access to these skills, but they also have other classes that provide a well-rounded education. Master's degree programs offer challenges to students who want to further their careers by studying health service topics carefully. These graduate level programs have higher expectations, but they also prepare students for more challenging careers with an in-depth education.

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Health Services Degree FAQs

Are Online Health Services Programs Available?

Many schools offer online health services classes, but some of them require internships or occasional classroom attendance. If you are a busy adult who already has obligations to your work and family, then these online classes can help you earn your degree on your own schedule.

Many non-traditional students choose to take online classes part-time so that they can finish program requirements without commuting to campus. Even programs that have a mixture of online and offline classes can make it possible to get a degree and take a career to the next level.

How Do I Choose an Online Health Services Program?

Most online health service programs replace classroom instruction with Internet applications like chat rooms, virtual classrooms, email and video presentations. While distance learning has been an effective way for non-traditional students to earn degrees, online classes often have the same educational benefits as classroom instruction.

Students can interact with instructors and other students online.

When you contact a school to get more information about their online health services program, ask how long it takes to complete the program, how many required classes are offered online and the cost of tuition. This will help you choose a program that suits your needs.

Should I Choose an Accredited School?

You should choose an accredited school because they have a curriculum approved by regulatory organizations. Accredited online programs in health services are appropriate for students who want to enter the workforce as professionals or continue their education at a higher level.

The Health Services Curriculum

The health services curriculum includes classes in accounting, public health, economics, biology, anatomy, health policy, mental health and nursing. Many programs give students the opportunity to focus on specific subjects in health services so that they are better prepared for careers that interest them.

What Are the Admission Requirements for Human Services PhD Students?

As a doctoral student, you should already have a master's or an undergraduate degree that has prepared you for intensive studies. Human services PhD programs consider past academic performance, GRE and GMAT scores, essays, letters of recommendation and interviews when choosing applicants.

What Career Options Do Human Services PhD Graduates Have?

Students who earn PhDs in human services often pursue careers in criminal justice, social work, counseling, policy analysis and other fields. A doctorate should make it easier to find challenging and rewarding jobs because you have the highest level of education.

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