Giving Ads That Pizzazz: Graphic Design Degree

If you have a penchant for creating snappy sales driven content or admire the creativity in the world's leading advertising and marketing campaigns, then earning a degree in graphic design is for you. Whether it’s getting a company's message across in the form of a one-page creative ad or an advertising blitz for a new product, every piece of graphic media is created and developed by this talented group of individuals. Graphic designers create these amazing works of art. If you are a creative individual with a knack for creating visual solutions to communication problems, an online degree program in graphic design may be for you.

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Online Graphic Designer Degree FAQ

What Kind of Degree Is Necessary to Be a Graphic Designer?

Associate's degrees and certificates in graphic design are available from some online professional schools and they can help you land an entry-level position. However, if you aspire to a more advanced position, then a bachelor's or master's degree should be your goal.

What Is the Employment Outlook for Graphic Designers?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor expects the employment rate for graphic designers to grow as fast as the national average (ten percent). Graphic designers with a bachelor's degree and an education that includes computer and website design and animation will experience a higher than average employment growth.

Like many creative job sectors, a high number of freelance graphic designers work independently from a design firm. These workers account for approximately 25 percent of all graphic designers.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate to Be a Graphic Designer?

Graphic designers need to be able to communicate thoughts through a visual means. The ideal candidate should be highly creative, have a keen eye for detail and effectively communicate visually, verbally and in writing. If you aspire to be a freelance graphic designer with your own company, then motivation, the desire to succeed and some business knowledge are all very important.

What Can I Do with a Graphic Design Degree?

Graphic designers, or graphic artists, are responsible for creating visual representations of a company or product message. This can often be in the form of print, online or other media formats. Graphic designers are also responsible for creating the layout designs of magazines, newspapers and other printed products.

In many cases, a graphic designer will work hand in hand with a copywriter in order to design a promotion that includes both graphics and copy. Graphic designers also flourish in the entertainment industry. Graphic design is an extremely important component in today's advertising and marketing industry.

Why Should I Consider an Online Graphic Design Degree Program?

Online graphic design courses are the perfect way to receive the education you desire while having it fit comfortably within your daily schedule. In addition, over the course of your online degree program, you will be able to compile a portfolio of work that is exceptionally important when looking for employment or landing your own clients.

What Can I Do With an Associate's in Graphic Design?

In the professional world, what you can do means much more than what you may know. Results speak for themselves, and with the completion of an associate's degree program in graphic design, you may be ready to dive into a budding career as a graphic design artist. Many students looking to work in the field of graphic design may wish to obtain a bachelor's degree. If you fit such a description, an associate's degree can be the bridge to advanced education.

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