Keeping The Fire Department Running Smoothly: Fire Services Administration Degree

Do you have a keen interest in fire safety and want to help oversee firefighters within local, federal or private departments? In that case you might want to consider studying fire services administration in order to gain the necessary skills and knowledge. Gaining a degree in this field will help you to understand the latest fire service technology, philosophies and methods. It is a very rewarding career field as you will be able to help protect communities and employees. It is also a career path where your knowledge of fire prevention and eradication can help to save lives.

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Fire Services Administration Degree Information

While it is not necessary to have a degree in order to pursue a career in fire services administration, completing a certificate, associate’s or bachelor’s degree program in a relevant field can help to increase your employment opportunities. Most firefighters gain some experience in the field first and then continue their education in fire service administration.

Fire Service Administration Certificate

This type of certificate is generally aimed at people already working in a fire service environment wishing to expand their managerial and administrative skills. It is useful for anyone who already have fireground training and experience , but want to move their career in an administrative direction. Since this involves new kind of challenges the certificate is helpful in preparing applicants for dealing with these positions. Some institutions require applicants for this type of certificate to have previous experience working or at least volunteering in the fire service.

Associate in Science Fire Service Administration

Completing an associate degree in fire service administration generally takes about two years and can help provide you with the technical and managerial knowledge needed to move your career forward. In general this type of degree combines both general education as well as management courses along with relevant fire service courses. Topics covered can include principles of management, principles of fire protection and strategies for supervisory success.

Bachelor of Science Fire Administration

This type of degree is typically aimed at applicants who desire a leadership role in the profession. It generally provides students with the academic foundation that is required to excel in positions of leadership or administration. Curriculum can include advanced fire administration, firefighter safety as well as community risk reduction. It is also common for students to learn about the legal framework of the fire service setting, safe work environments and employee safety.

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Fire Services Administration Degree FAQ

Can I Study Fire Service Administration Online?

Unlike many courses that require a hybrid environment of both online and off-site classes, it is possible to complete your studies of this subject using online methods only. It is especially beneficial for people already working as firefighters to take this course online as it is easier to accommodate with their shifts than physical classes. Many online courses include live interaction with your instructor, although courses are also recorded, so you never have to worry about missing anything. In most cases you will also be able to interact with fellow students online, participate in online graded discussions or have to complete assignments that are then submitted over the internet. To take this type of course online you must have access to the proper equipment, such as an internet connected computer with a microphone or headset. Hybrid programs are also available for those who want to learn online, but also gain hands-on training in the field.

What Are My Career Options After Completing My Studies

Earning a degree in fire service administration can help you to become eligible for leadership positions in the fire services. The type of positions available to you will depend on the type of study you have completed as well as your experience. Some of the jobs commonly chosen by people who have completed a fire services administration course include supervisor, operations manager, dispatcher, instructor and administrative or executive directors of emergency services.

What May My Duties As A Fire Services Administrator Include?

Working in the field of fire safety as a fire services administrator may include a couple of different responsibilities. These range from managing finances and preparing budgets, to managing fire department staff and preparing employee schedules. You might also be responsible for ensuring that all staff and employees fully adhere to the fire safety standards as set by their department. Designing and carrying out department objectives, as well as goals, might also fall under your responsibilities. Another is the planning of department expansions based on analysis of population growth patterns.

What Type of Work Environment Can I Expect?

When working as a fire services administrator, you will typically spend most of your time within fire departments or even forest service departments. Some administrators prefer working in rural firehouses while others opt for large, metropolitan areas instead. You will typically work alongside fire captains and fire chiefs at the firehouse. This is a big change from firefighters, who tend to do most of their work in the public eye.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn With This Type of Degree?

Experience counts for a lot when it comes to earning potential in this industry. Location is another big factor and working in cities generally translates into higher salaries than being stationed in rural regions. For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, firefighters earned about $60,230 per year in 2019, with projected employment growth of 5%. During the same period, fire inspectors earned a median pay of $54,790 per year, with projected employment growth of 6%.

What Are The Other Benefits of Studying In This Field?

Firefighters risk their lives all the time to help keep other people safe. After studying fire services administration and working in the field you can help to make the lives of firefighters a little safer. The knowledge and skills that you learn during this type of course is not only applicable to the firefighter industry, but can also be invaluable in other leadership positions.

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