Creating a Career out of Your Passion: Fine Arts Degree

Do you love creating art for the sake of meaning and beauty? Do you have a passion for drawing, sculpting, painting or theater? If you have a natural talent in any of these areas and would like to make a career out of your passion for art, then a fine arts degree is a great way to get started with your journey. This degree can help to improve your chances of working in industries where you can fulfill your creativity while earning a decent income. Thanks to its versatility, it is also the type of degree that can open up a lot of career paths.

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Fine Arts Degree Information

Associate of Fine Arts Degree

This type of degree typically takes two years to complete and in addition to general education courses also includes required art courses along with art electives. This means that students can choose from degrees such as Associate of Fine Arts in Art, Creative Writing, Music, Theater Performance and more. Associate degrees in this field are usually meant for students who want to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and is not intended for those seeking immediate employment.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree typically takes four years to complete and the focus will be your fine arts major. This means that your coursework will also depend largely on the area of arts in which you are interested. Majors can include animation, acting, visual arts, technical production and more.

Master of Fine Arts Degrees

A master degree in this field is suitable for students with a love for the arts, but an interest in more management or directorship related careers. This type of degree usually aims to foster your creativity while also bolstering your management skills. This also means that your coursework tends to be of an applied or performing nature. Completing this degree typically takes about two years.

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Fine Arts Degree FAQs 

Can I Study Fine Arts Online?

Online fine arts degrees are the perfect way for creative professionals to reach their academic goals. Whether you are working full-time and wish to make a career change or you are already working in the visual arts industry and want to enhance your education, online fine arts degrees with its broad curriculum offers the finest in online classroom study, with the flexibility to fit your daily schedule.

How Does a Bachelor's in Fine Arts Differ From a Bachelor's in Arts?

A Bachelor of Arts is for the generalized study of art and design in broad context. A Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is awarded for completion of a specialized program under the arts and design umbrella. For example, a student in search of a BFA can take online courses in a particular field like computer animation, creative writing, interior design, visual effects, animation or other art related fields. In fine arts studies, the courses focus more on the specific topic rather than general liberal arts.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Taking Online Courses?

In the traditional campus setting, a Bachelor of Fine Arts indicates the completion of a four-year program. Online courses, because of their flexible time schedules, tend to run longer. Courses usually divide into smaller, more manageable components that ultimately spread the learning out over a longer period. Each institution is different in how they approach their online courses, but you will have an understanding of how long it will take to attain your BFA before enrollment.

What Can I Do With a Bachelor's in Fine Arts Degree?

As stated earlier, a Bachelor of Fine Arts is awarded for successful completion of a specialized area of study in the arts. Therefore, students who attain their BFA will have opportunities in their specific industry topic. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, approximately 63 percent of graduates in fine arts are self-employed. Some examples of the specialties within the fine arts field include graphic design, acting, photography, metalworking, industrial design and musical theater. Other related jobs in the field range from exhibition designer and illustrator to higher education lecturer or gallery curator. A fine arts degree can also be very useful for those interested in working in careers such as multimedia programming, interior and spatial design as well as commercial art gallery management. In fact, any industry where the emphasis is on visual image, such as marketing and advertising, can benefit from the creativity of those with fine arts degrees.

What Other Degree Programs Are Available in Fine Arts?

Students who enroll in online fine arts studies can strive toward their associate's degree, bachelor's degree or master's degree. Numerous fine art graduates also choose to take the programs necessary to qualify for teaching art as well.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for a Degree in Fine Arts?

Studying fine arts is a perfect fit for the creative individual looking to make a career out of a passion, whether it is painting, writing, acting or any other facet of the arts. This individual should be open to new experiences, accepting of constructive criticism and have a true appreciative love for the arts. If you are someone who can see the beauty where others cannot, then you are the perfect candidate for this creative and enriching course of online study. You will also need strong communication skills, commitment and preferably have a highly developed imagination.

What Type Of Skills Can I Potentially Learn While Completing This Degree

During the completion of a fine arts degree you will hone a couple of very important skills that can help you out no matter what career path you choose. This includes creative problem solving, the ability to collaborate with others as well as developing individual ideas, and entrepreneurial skills. Like any type of degree, you will also hone your analytical, research and observational skills.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn?

Due to the large number of potential career paths available to students with a degree in fine arts, it is difficult to pinpoint potential salaries as they all differ. However, as of 2019, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics does indicate that fine artists, which includes painters, sculptors and illustrators, earns about $63,030 a year. Industries with the highest annual mean wage in this occupation include software publishers, motion picture and video industries as well as colleges, universities and professional schools.

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