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Feminist Film Theory
By Anneke Smelik, Dept. of Film Studies, University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands
"This article is published in Pam Cook and Mieke Bernink, (eds), The Cinema Book, second edition. London: British Film Institute, 1999, pp 353-365."

Film and Destroy
"To present, support and encourage independent and experimental work by, for and about women."
Maintained by Bridget Irish

Jewish Women's Archive
" uncover, chronicle and transmit the rich legacy of Jewish women and their contributions to our families and communities, to our people and our world."

  • Molly Picon
    "For over seventy years, Molly Picon, star of Yiddish theater and film, delighted audiences with her comic song and dance performances..."

The Marilyn Pages
Includes a biography, films, images, quotes, and memorabilia of Marilyn Monroe

SAWNET: South Asian Women's Cinema
Topics includes Reviews; Films and film-makers; Articles about South Asian cinema; and Related links

Scary Women
Audio clips & papers presented at a symposium held at UCLA in January of 1994.

Women in Cinema: A Reference Guide
A little dated (originally published Dec. 1994) but still useful
By Philip McEldowney

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