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Many Film Studies Organizations list specific Internet resources.

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"ScreenSite stresses the teaching and research of film and television and is designed for educators and students."
A wonderful resource for the academic study of TV & Film.

CineMedia - (dead link)
Links to over 18,000 sites. Includes both scholarly and tribute pages.
From the American Film Institute

Cinema Connection

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A searchable catalog describing Internet resources on Art, Design, Architecture, Media, Theory, & Museum Studies and Conservation.

Asian American - (dead link)
"The purpose of is to build an engaged, involved, active, and excited audience for Asian American films."

  • Asian American Film & Video Database - (dead link)
The British Council's site for British Films

Cinema : How are Hollywood Films Made?
"Join us as we explore this creative process, from the screenwriter's words to the editor's final cut. Write your own dialogue for a scene or put yourself in a producer's shoes by managing the production of a film."
A non-technical multimedia exhibit from Annenberg/CPB.

Cinema Related Resources
UC Berkeley Film Studies Program

Cinema Sites
Includes a nice collection of sites under Historical Interest
By David Augsburger

Entertainment Law Resources for Film, TV and Multimedia Producers - (dead link)
"...Mark Litwak's Entertainment Law Resources for Film, TV and Multimedia Producers. Provided here is information to speed you along in understanding how to make good film, television and multimedia deals, and how to take care of yourself legally after you have a deal."
By Mark Litwak, Entertainment Lawyer
"This site contains Episode Lists for over 1635 TV shows. Each list contains titles and airdates. For over 375 shows there is a more detailed episode guide containing guest stars and plot summaries."

Film & Media Webliography
LSU Libraries

Film and Television Studies
University of Warwick

Film and Media-Related Sites in Canada
From Queen's Film Studies page

Film Study and Appreciation Resources
From the Chico High School Library - (dead link)
The Ultimate Film and Television Music Website

Mad Screenwriter
"...resource directory for screenwriters, filmmakers and performers. Suggestions for new resource listings are always appreciated and visitors are welcome to post their film or arts-related personal/resume websites in our free-for-all links page. Announcements or queries can be posted to the messageboard."

Motion Picture & Television Reading Room
Motion Picture, Broadcasting & Recording Sound Division, Library of Congress

A large collection of old and classic movies available in their entirety for free in RealPlayer format.

Moving Image Gateway (MIG)
" a new service that collects together websites that relate to moving images and sound and their use in higher and further education. The sites are classified by academic discipline, some forty subjects from Agriculture to Women's Studies, collected within the four main categories of Arts & Humanities, Bio-Medical, Social Sciences and Science & Technology. Each site has been evaluated and described by the BUFVC's Information Service, which will be regularly checking and updating the database. Sites are highlighted which have video or audio streaming. There are some 400 sites on the MIG database at present, with a planned expansion to 600 in the coming months...The database remains in a test phase, with some new entries to be added and further adjustments yet to be made. While in its test phase the MIG is freely accessible to all, but once finalised it will be available to BUFVC members and addresses only."
From the British Universities Film & Video Council

Moving Image Resources
Film and Television Sites on the World Wide Web
From the Library of Congress

National Film Preservation Board
Library of Congress

New York University Bobst Library: Cinema Studies

The Rosebud Project
An Evolving Digital Resource Site for Film Studies
"This is a site dedicated to the discipline of film studies and its component parts, film history, criticism, theory, and concepts & definitions."

Resources for Teaching Film and Video Courses
By Frank Tomasulo, SCS Committee on Teaching

Society for Cinema Studies (SCS)
"Founded in 1959, the Society for Cinema Studies is a professional organization composed of college and university educators, filmmakers, historians, critics, scholars, and others concerned with the study of the moving image."
Includes Job listings, Email Lists and Discussion, Professional Notes, Directories, Conference information, and online publications. (English or Spanish)
Teach with Movies
This K12 site includes "Learning Guides to each recommended film describe the benefits of the movie, possible problems, and helpful background. Discussion questions, bridges to reading, projects and links to the internet are also provided."
By James A. Frieden and Deborah Elliot

Film & Television Website Archive
An extensive listing of online resources. A great site for fan and scholar.

UCLA Arts Library: Selected Internet Sources in Film
"The following sites have been chosen by the Librarians in the UCLA Arts Library primarily for their potential usefulness for research and reference in film studies. We have also included film sites of general interest if they are of high quality."

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

  • Szpilman's Warsaw: The History behind The Pianist
    "The recently released movie The Pianist is set in Holocaustñera Warsaw and tells the remarkable story of PolishñJewish musician Wladyslaw Szpilman. Hunger and hiding, resistance both spiritual and violent, conscious choices and sheer luckóall of these played a role in the unlikely survival of Szpilman and the fate of hundreds of thousands of other Jews under Nazi control in Warsaw. Collected here are some of the resources available on the Museum's Web site about Wladyslaw Szpilman and the history of Warsaw during the Holocaust."

War and War-Era Movies
Sections include: US Civil War ; World War I ; Spanish Civil War ; World War II ; Korean War ; Vietnamese War ; World War III.
UC Berkeley - Media Resources Center

What a Character!
A fun and informative database of Character Actors.

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