Put Your Chic Taste to Work: Fashion Degrees

If you love watching Fashion tinged TV shows or the red carpet at the biggest award shows, then you may be a good candidate for a career in fashion. By taking online courses in fashion, you will receive a valuable education to succeed in this industry. In addition, over the duration of your online courses, you will develop and compile a strong portfolio that is essential for getting ahead in the fashion world.

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Fashion Degree FAQs

What Degrees Are Available in Fashion?

Online degree programs in fashion can result in an associate's in fashion design, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or a Master of Fine Arts degree. Each stage of education in this sector provides students with valuable skills and education required to be successful in the fashion industry.

Your associate's and bachelor's degrees will help you hone your skills in the essentials of fashion esthetics and history. Once a student completes a master's degree, he or she should be fully ready to launch a career within this competitive, yet lucrative industry.

What Can I Do With A Fashion Degree?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, design firms will normally only hire fashion designers who have completed a two- or four-year degree. In addition, about a quarter of all fashion designers are self-employed. Since so much in the fashion industry rides on the talent of the candidate, a versatile portfolio is essential to finding employment.

One of the benefits of taking an online fashion degree program is that by the time you graduate, you will have compiled a portfolio that you can use to entice employers or clients. The U.S. Bureau of Labor expects employment opportunities in the fashion industry to grow through 2016 by approximately five percent.

What Are Some Reasons for Choosing an Online Degree Program in Fashion Over a Campus Degree Program?

If you currently have a full-time job, you simply don't have the time to travel to school and attend classes in person. Many colleges and universities understand that dilemma and as such, provide comprehensive online studies designed to help you reach your academic goals according to your schedule. These online programs are based on the same courses provided on campus and offer the same quality of education. The only difference is that the courses allow a level of flexibility unavailable with campus classes.

Are Online Fashion Degree Programs Expensive?

The cost of an online fashion degree program varies per the institutions providing them. However, students seeking to continue education with online classes from accredited colleges and universities can still take advantage of financial aid, school loans, government grants and other programs designed to help individuals reach their academic goals.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Online Fashion Degree Programs?

The ideal candidate for online fashion degree program is someone who loves working with textiles and fabrics and staying on the cutting-edge of the fashion industry. This individual should exhibit a high level of creativity, the ability to change direction on the fly, accepting of constructive criticism and capable of collaboration.

What Jobs Are Available to Graduates of An Online Associate's Degree Program in Fashion?

Virtually any career related to the fashion industry is obtainable following the completion of an associate's degree program in fashion. Perhaps the most accessible career path is retail management.

Fashion merchandising and window display are also popular career paths. Of course, high-profile job titles such as fashion designer and costume designer are additional professional avenues. Marc Jacobs, Isaac Mizrahi and Tom Ford all began their careers with a degree in fashion. Other career paths include a merchandise buyer for retail stores and fashion stylist.

What Topics Does an Online Fashion Degree Program Cover?

Required classes in a fashion degree program vary depending on the specific school. However, the curriculum typically includes fashion history, fashion merchandising, color theory, fashion design, textiles and other related topics.

Business skills are a key component of many online degree programs. A fashion design degree culminates in the completion of a portfolio and/or line of clothing that can be shown to prospective employers.

What Skills Are Necessary to Succeed in the Fashion Industry?

Creativity is an important characteristic in any fashion career. The ability to spot and predict emerging trends is another favorable skill. A good eye for color and strong attention to detail are also helpful.

Since so many fashion careers require individuals to function in a corporate or business setting, strong professional or entrepreneurial skills are relevant. All of these skills develop through the completion of an online associate's degree in fashion.

What Salary Can I Expect to Earn With a Degree in Fashion?

Yearly salaries for graduates of an associate's degree program in fashion vary considerably. However, with the right set of skills, patience and tenacity, the potential monetary rewards for fashion careers is enticing.

Salaried fashion designers earn an average income of $62,610 annually. Fashion graduates who obtain corporate management positions earn a median salary of approximately $70,570 each year. Retail managers and fashion merchandisers typically earn less (approximately $30,000 to $50,000).

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