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HighWire Press
Internet Imprint of the Stanford University Libraries
Assists in the online publication of 190 sites including 146,268 free full-text articles.
Mostly science publications.

ACM Crossroads (English or Spanish)
Student magazine from the Association of Computer Machinery

The Bridge: Linking Engineering and Society (ejournal)
"The Bridge presents thoughtful opinion and analysis on engineering research, education, and practice; science and technology policy; and the roles of engineering and technology in all aspects of society."
- National Academy of Engineering

Electronic Journal of Structural Engineering (EJSE)

The Engineers Forum on Sustainability
"The Forum meets three times yearly at the National Academy of Engineering in Washington, D.C., and a periodic newsletter is prepared highlighting the issues, activities, and developments discussed at the meetings."

Foresight Update

Fujitsu Scientific & Technical Journal

IEEE Spectrum Online

Modal analysis
The International Journal of Analytical and Experimental Modal Analysis.

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