Online Engineering Degree Programs & Schools

An online engineering degree program is the study of the method of designing machines, systems and structures to fulfill a specific purpose, and of the implementation, testing and maintenance of such items using scientific principles. Engineers are integral to numerous industries and applications, allowing students to specialize in an online program that best suits his or her needs. Potential career paths include engineering new products, working with robotics, building bridges and other structures, nanotechnology, agricultural planning and developing solutions to environmental problems. Start your path toward a rewarding engineering degree online by learning more about the degree program that most interests you and follow through by earning a degree from an accredited school or college. The six main areas that constitute an engineering degree are chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, materials science engineering and mechanical engineering. Within each of these are further subdivisions of engineering specialty.

Engineering Degree Programs

General Engineering Degree Information

Students can earn associate degrees, bachelor's degrees and graduate degrees in engineering at physical universities and online. Online degrees are most commonly associated with master's degrees in engineering. At least a bachelor's degree in engineering is usually required for entry-level engineering jobs, and eligibility for professional certification may require a master's degree.

Engineering Degree Study Options

Students can earn an associate degree in general engineering live and online. This can serve as a springboard to a bachelor's degree in engineering, which can generally be completed in four or five years. Once completing the Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science in Engineering, many students will go on to pursue a two-year Master of Engineering or Master of Science in Engineering. At this point, many students will choose to focus on a specific form of engineering.

Advanced Engineering Degrees

Masters degrees in engineering prepare students for the professional certification exam in engineering and it qualifies degree holders for most engineering positions. Before choosing a graduate program, students generally choose a sub-discipline of engineering from among the basic engineering disciplines of chemical, civil, electrical, industrial, mechanical and materials science to focus on. Some of the more popular sub-disciplines are computer engineering, systems engineering, automotive engineering, aerospace engineering and power engineering.

Masters of Science In Computer Engineering

Masters candidates in computer engineering learn to design computers, manage computer systems and test computers. They tend to have a strong background in math, physics and computer science. Since computers permeate our daily lives and are part of nearly every successful company, computer engineers are in high demand.

Master Of Science In Systems Engineering

Masters candidates in systems engineering learn to administer and manage network systems for businesses, keeping their computer systems running and troubleshooting any problems. In connection with computer engineers, these engineers are crucial for the day-to-day operations of business and industry.

Choosing A Degree

Engineering degrees are a natural choice for people who have a good understanding and curiosity for how things work. People who rebuild car engines or disassemble computers just for fun are perfect for an engineering degree. Engineering students should prepare for a healthy complement of math and science courses as they pursue their degrees.

Career Opportunities

Engineering is one of those degrees that has high utility when it comes to desirability as an employee. There is always a need for engineers, even in troubled economies. The more popular your specification, the more likely you are to find a lucrative career in your field. Computer and systems engineers rarely have difficulty finding an employer. Electrical engineers of all kinds are always needed. Aerospace engineers, biomedical engineers and ocean engineers may have to work harder for the job they want, but when they find it, they can become extremely successful.

Earning Potential

Earning potential for engineering careers varies depending upon the specialty, but even those in the least popular specialties command average salaries of over $65,000 per year. Computer engineers average around $88,000 a year. Mechanical engineers average close to $70,000. Electrical engineers enjoy roughly $81,000 a year in salary on average and all can be achieved by simply pursuing an online degree from an accredited school or college.

Getting Your Engineering Degree Online From An Accredited School or College

The master's degree is the most popular online degree for engineering specialists, although associate degrees and bachelor's degrees are also popular. Master's degrees in engineering can be completed in two years or sometimes even less online, and your accredited online university can also give you guidelines and instruction for how to pass your professional engineering certification exam.

Getting Your Degree Offline

A bachelor's degree in engineering at a traditional college or university can be hard work, but a quality engineering education from a top college or university known for engineering can make students extremely valuable job candidates and position them for some of the best careers in engineering. Coursework will be heavily maths and science oriented and students are often encouraged to pursue engineering research projects on their own. Students attending a brick-and-mortar university can take advantage of university laboratories allowing them to practice their engineering skills in a realistic setting. This should give students the confidence to tackle any engineering challenge they may meet along the way to their degree.

General Engineering Degree FAQs

What Types of Degrees in Engineering Are Available Through Online Programs?

Associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs are available online in the field of engineering.

How Long Does It Take to Complete an Online Associate's Degree Program in Engineering?

Online associate's degree programs usually take about two years to complete. This program offers a great baseline education in the engineering field and once completed, affords the graduate the qualifications to enroll in a bachelor's degree program in engineering.

What Does One Need to Know About the Online Bachelor's Degree Program in Engineering?

Online bachelor's degree programs in engineering provide the education you need to enter the engineering field in an entry-level position. This program takes approximately four years to complete and once finished, you can choose to enter the field or continue on to a master's degree program.

What Are the Benefits of an Online Master's Degree Program in Engineering?

Most occupations in the engineering field require the candidate to have a master's degree. This program provides a more specialized education in a specific area of study. Some specialties include electrical engineering, civil engineering and computer engineering.

Why Should I Pursue an Online Doctoral Degree Program in Engineering?

A doctoral degree in engineering is the highest level of education one can obtain in this field. Graduates are usually among the highest paid engineers and they commonly work in areas of research or as professors at higher learning institutions.

What Can I Do With an Engineering Degree?

Since engineers work in a wide range of industries, the possibilities for employment are strong in this field. Potential can be even better if you opt to work in a focused industry. Additionally, because of constant innovations and technological breakthroughs, engineering is among the professions that experiences continuous job growth.

If I Enroll in an Online Engineering Program, Can I Still Get Financial Aid?

Accredited colleges and universities offer financial aid for most online engineering degree programs. Other sources of tuition help include government grants, school loans and scholarships. Contact the school's admission office to determine eligibility.

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