Planning & Project Management: Engineering Management

If you have successfully obtained a bachelor's degree in engineering, then now would be an excellent time to continue your education with an online engineering management program. This graduate program is designed to provide the management skills and education you need to move ahead in your profession. With a master's degree in engineering management (MEM), you can accept your place at the upper echelon of engineers and enjoy the prestige, respect and income that the position offers.

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Engineering Management Degree FAQs

Do I Need a Degree in Engineering to Enroll in an Engineering Management Online Program?

In most cases, a bachelor's degree in engineering is required for acceptance into an engineering management program. Usually, students who enroll in engineering management programs already have experience working in the field.

What Are the Responsibilities of an Engineering Manager?

Engineering managers are responsible for the planning, coordinating and researching of various activities and projects. They will also supervise other engineers, scientists or project support staff.

Engineering managers handle the budgets of their projects. In most cases, they do the hiring for the project's personnel and perform required administrative duties.

What Can I Do With an Engineering Management Degree?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the engineering management occupation will continue to experience normal job growth. Candidates who exhibit excellent communication skills or have business management experience will typically have the best opportunity for advancement.

In Which Industries Can an Engineering Management Graduate Find Employment?

It's common for graduates of online degree programs in engineering management to advance within their companies, but sometimes, new job opportunities may present themselves upon graduation. Engineering managers can be found in a range of industries including aerospace, computers and technology, scientific research and many more. The government is one of the largest suppliers of jobs for those with degrees in engineering.

How Much Does an Engineering Manager Earn?

Engineering managers can often earn six-figure salaries. They can also receive many unique benefits like stock options, expense accounts and bonuses.

Why Should I Consider an Online Degree Program in Engineering Management?

As stated earlier, most engineering management students are actually full-time engineers who have worked in the field for a period of time. As such, it is important for these individuals to continue to work while pursuing their academic goals. Online degree programs allow this type of flexibility.

What Is Included in the Curriculum of an Online Engineering Management Program?

The curriculum varies per the accredited learning institution providing the programs, but in most cases, they offer an MBA-styled structure. Program topics may include a focus on leadership, reliability in engineering, organization, communication and other managerial-related classes. The goal of online master's degree programs in engineering management is to prepare students for the leadership role they will eventually earn.

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