Life and Death in the Ambulance: EMS & Paramedic Degree

Each day, people are faced with life and death situations in which the result depends on the quick thinking and fast actions of another individual. In many of these cases, that individual is an EMS employee or paramedic. EMS paramedics are the first ones on the scene and they do everything in their power to help people survive a tragic situation. These individuals are heroes to us all and they deserve the recognition their occupation affords. If you are thinking about entering this noble career, consider enrolling in an online degree program in EMS and paramedics training. This comprehensive distance education program provides you with the life-saving education you need in order for your emergency calls to result in the best scenarios possible.

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EMS & Paramedic Degree FAQs

Is a Degree in EMS and Paramedics Required for Working in the Field?

Many people enter the EMT occupation at the base level, with only their high school diploma. However, if you want to work as a top level EMS paramedic, then you will need to complete an associate's degree program. This program takes about two years to complete.

What Are the Curriculum Topics for Online Programs in EMS and Paramedics?

This online program introduces students to significantly advanced areas of study in anatomy and physiology. Upon program completion, the graduate will then take the NREMT examination. In most states, students must pass this exam before becoming a certified paramedic.

Are There Other State Requirements for Becoming an EMS and Paramedic?

EMS and paramedic certification differs on a state-to-state basis. Some states require certification for every EMT level, while others may not. Most states require that EMTs and paramedics take refresher courses and continued education programs on a regular basis in accordance with state laws that usually call for re-certification every two years.

What Type of Person Makes a Good EMS and Paramedic?

There is no template for who will make an outstanding EMS. However, candidates should exhibit good physical coordination and dexterity, the ability to carry or move heavy loads, excellent eyesight (with or without corrective lenses), agility and emotional stability.

What Can I Do With an EMS and Paramedic Degree?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the EMS and paramedic field will see ongoing job growth. Many EMTs work on a voluntary basis and due to the demands of the job and the training involved, it is difficult for hospitals to keep these volunteers on hand, thus increasing the need for paid employees. Graduates of online EMS and paramedic programs can find employment either with the organized city health care system or with private ambulance services.

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