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From accreditation to test preparation, financial aid to our college guide, or simply looking to get some general information on getting started with online education, then this page is your gateway to all things academia related.

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The AcademicInfo College Guide

In our College Guide section, you'll find relevant articles on self-assessment and discovery, types of colleges and different factors you should consider, and more. All articles are written with a practical approach and are must-reads if you are college bound!

Other Resources

Online Schools & Colleges

For detailed profiles and information on hundreds of online schools, colleges and universities, go to our dedicated page.

Featured Schools

Test Preparation

Test preparation is an essential requirement for earning a degree. To find out more about the types of test preparations as well as other related resources, go to our test preparation page.


Earning a degree from a well respected and accredited school is now a key requirement for most prospective employers. For more on accreditation, visit the accreditation page.

Financial Aid

For financial aid tips, frugal living resources or how to make that dollar last a little longer, the financial aid page provides some useful links.

Online Education

New to distance learning and would like to know how to setup and get started? Then check out the online education page.

Best Recession Proof Degrees

In the event of a recession, like today's economy, you may be wondering if there are any degrees that are recession proof. The answer is "yes."In fact, some careers continue to survive-and even thrive-despite economic downturns. We look at three of the best professions to pursue in the event of an economic flatline.

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