Leading the Nation’s Schools: Educational Leadership Degree

If you currently work in the education sector, then taking an online degree program in educational administration can help you maximize your employment potential. This program provides the education, skills and experience you need to advance toward an administrative role. Graduates who earn an educational leadership or administration degree can expect to gain employment as school principals or administrative directors within an educational facility.

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Educational Leadership and Administration Degree FAQs

What Is the Role of an Educational Leader and Administrator?

Most individuals who work in the educational administration field are principals, vice principals, university deans or presidents. These individuals are leaders and typically head academic administration, ensuring that the educational environment is systematically effective and efficient.

The educational administrator sets the rules and standards, hiring new employees, creating school policies, supervising the educational curriculum development and managing the institution's budget.

Is a Degree Required to Work in Educational Administration?

Most educational administrators begin careers as teachers. From the start, a bachelor's degree is required. Candidates for the administrator role will normally need to successfully complete a master's degree or doctoral program.

Are There Any Other Attributes a Potential Educational Administrator Should Exhibit?

A good candidate for the role of an educational administrator should have outstanding communication, organization and leadership skills. This professional should be comfortable dealing with problems and finding solutions, as well as making hard decisions that can ultimately affect a large group of people.

What Can I Do With an Educational Leadership and Administration Degree?

Resulting from the demand for college-educated employees, there is a high growth rate in academic institutions nationwide, from elementary schools through high schools and universities. Densely populated areas continuously undergo school re-zoning, indicating the frequent development of new schools.

Additionally, individuals with a degree in educational leadership and administration can find employment in areas outside the education sector. In fact, daycare facilities are commonly in need of individuals to overlook their programs, making these positions a perfect fit for someone with a degree in the field.

What Is the Annual Salary for an Educational Administrator?

Salaries for educational leaders and administrators differ greatly, depending on the area of expertise. For instance, many elementary school administrators may earn approximately $40,000 annually, while university administrators can earn well into the six-figure salary range. In this respect, tenure, education and school location are other factors that can significantly influence salaries.

Why Should I Enroll in an Online Degree Program in Educational Leadership and Administration?

As stated earlier, it is important to exhibit skills as a teacher before taking on the responsibilities of an educational leader and administrator. For this reason, you cannot afford to leave your job to attend college full-time.

With an online degree program, you have the flexibility to continue working while attending school on your own time. In addition to staying involved in the teaching community, this dedication to your career will further your cause in being considered for an administrative position.

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