Enhancing Education Through The Use Of Technology: Education Technology Degree

Do you have a passion for education and love to help others learn, but would like the process to become more efficient through the use of technology? With improvements in technology there has also been an increase in options for learning institutes to make use of new methods to teach students. From making education more accessible to making the process of learning interactive and entertaining, there are numerous benefits to embracing new technology. If you would like to be a part of the process and learn how to make use of technology to enhance education, then a degree in education technology is the key.

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Education Technology Degree Information

Master of Education in Educational Technology

The Master of Education in Educational Technology is a program that can be completed in two years and is available in an online format. The program includes a curriculum and instruction core that must be completed as well as an educational technology core. Course topics cover everything from the foundations of educational technology and instructional design to blended learning environments, issues and trends in educational technology research, and designing integrated media environments. Upon completion of the required cores, students can then choose from the different elective courses that are available and that are aligned with their career aspirations. These electives include advanced instructional design, managing educational projects, designing technology-rich curricula and distance education leadership and management amongst others.

Master of Arts in Educational Technology

Educational technology is also available as a Master of Arts degree program. This degree can help prepare you to transform existing curriculum for contemporary audiences, design and teach courses in online, hybrid or blended formats and serve as a peer technology coach for your colleagues. It can also help you to understand the function and structure of educational technology systems and how to apply educational practices that are technology-enhanced. Course materials may include learning designs, multimedia learning, digital storytelling lab and more.

Doctor of Education in Educational Technology

The Doctor of Education in Educational Technology degree is designed to prepare students for applied research and professional practice as opposed to pure research. This type of course typically has no in-person or on-campus requirements and can be done entirely online. Students generally have about seven years to complete this course, although course work can typically bone done in two to three years and the total program in four to five years. Course topics may include emerging trends in educational technology, qualitative research methods, leadership in educational technology and project management in educational settings.

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Education Technology Degree FAQs

Is This Type Of Degree Available Online?

Since an education technology degree is generally aimed at teachers and educators who want to increase their knowledge and advance their careers it is available in an online format. This makes it easier for teachers who are working full-time to complete their studies without having to give up their jobs or take a break. In general, this type of degree is only available at a master or doctoral level, so most people interested in the course will already have some basic education and experience in the field of education. The flexibility offered by an online degree is invaluable to anyone with work responsibilities. Generally, the only hardware requirements for taking this course online is a computer with internet connection, headphones, and a webcam.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study In This Field?

Depending on the learning institute where you plan on studying there might be specific admission requirements for students interested in completing an education technology degree. These can include a minimum grade point average as well as a General Test of the Graduate Records Examination that is acceptable. Some places also require letters of recommendation before considering your application. Beyond the admission requirements, studying education technology is ideal for teachers or educators who are passionate about education and would like to see it embracing the advantages that technology can provide. You should obviously also be very tech savvy and well organized if you are interested in this field. Your communication and problem-solving skills should be outstanding while patience is definitely a virtue for this career path. Programming or coding skills is not usually a requirement, but can be very beneficial depending on where you want to work.

What Type of Career Paths Are Available To Students With A Educational Technology Degree?

A degree in educational technology is generally aimed at those who are already working in teaching positions at either public or private schools. In addition to enhancing your expertise and career prospects in these roles, it can also be a stepping stone towards changing your career to a more consulting or administrative role. For example, jobs that make use of the skill set you gain with this degree include educational technology consultants, technology coordinators, and professional trainers. Other career paths range from multimedia designer and educational software consultant to computer learning lab coordinator and distance learning director. It is not only schools that can benefit from your skills, but also government agencies and even the corporate world.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn In This Field?

Although exact salary figures are not available for education technologists, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that instructional coordinators earned a median pay of about $66,290 per year in 2019. Your income potential will depend on the type of job you do within the industry as well as your geographical location and place of employment.

What Are The Other Benefits To Obtaining An Education Technology Degree?

As an educator or someone who is passionate about teaching there are many advantages to obtaining an education technology degree. One of the biggest challenges facing educators is understanding how to use technology in an efficient and engaging manner when teaching. This often results in technology that could have made a big difference not being used or under utilized due to a lack of knowledge. With an education technology degree you can improve your own career prospects, but also arm yourself with the necessary knowledge to make a big difference in the lives of others. Finally, this type of degree can open up more career paths in education without having to continue working at schools if this is what you desire.

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