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About Online Degree School & College Education
"Providing resources and guidance on Online degree education and distance learning."

"E-Books Directory is a daily growing list of freely downloadable ebooks, documents and lecture notes found all over the internet."

African Virtual University (AVU) (English or French)
"The African Virtual University (AVU) is a first-of-its-kind interactive-instructional telecommunications network established to serve the countries of Africa. The objective of the AVU is to build capacity and support economic development by leveraging the power of modern telecommunications technology to provide world-class quality education and training programs to students and professionals in Africa."

American Center for the Study of Distance Education (ACSDE)
Sections of the important resource include: ACSDE Research Monographs ; Readings in Distance Education ; Distance Education Online Symposium (DEOS) ; Research Symposia and Conferences ; Internet-Based Distance Education Bibliography
- Penn State

"...has been on the web since 1995, in anticipation of the growing popularity of distance education. We have been a source of information, and inspiration for countless professionals since the early days of the use of the web for public mass communication ... What distinguishes us from the rest? First and foremost, Distance-Educator.com is designed and written by professionals who have several decades of experience in educational radio, educational television, and the use of integrated telecommunications systems such as the Internet for teaching and learning."

Distance Education Clearinghouse
Sections include: Keeping Current ; A Few of the Highlights ; Program Resources and Courses ; Technologies ; New to Distance Education ; Places and Services.
- University of Wisconsin

"...your source for online learning. Search our growing collection of the best online courses and free lectures, plus over 60,000 authenticated references, from the world's leaders in education, research, and the dissemination of knowledge."
Free membership required

Global Distance EducationNet
"The Distance Education Network is a set of information management tools comprising part of the World Bank's Human Development Network's knowledge management system known as EducationNet ... These tools are intended to serve the World Bank's client countries, public and private organizations, and individuals interested in using distance education as a means of human development ... Explicitly targeted on the needs of developing countries and their policy makers, educational decision-makers and practitioners."
The World Bank

International Extension College (IEC)
"IEC is working to promote development and improvement in the quality of life in less developed countries through the expansion of educational opportunities."

Online Collaborative Learning in Higher Education - (dead link)
"This is a web site devoted to world's best practice in online collaborative learning in higher education, and related topics: here you'll find links to online articles, books, journals, and other relevant information. We hope that the information provided here will be of use to researchers and practitioners working in this area."
By Tim Roberts, Lissa McNamee, Sallyanne Williams, Central Queensland University, Australia

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