Using Technology For Beauty: Cosmetic Laser Technology Degree

Do you love technology and have a passion for the beauty industry? A degree in cosmetic laser technology will enable you to combine the two and make a career out of them. Physical looks are very important to people and visible blemishes on the skin can be a huge factor in peoples feeling of self-worth. When working in this industry you can make a big difference in the lives of people and give their self confidence a huge boost. It is a great career move if you enjoy helping others and ensuring that they have healthy, glowing skin. While you typically require previous training as an esthetician, it is also possible to complete both certifications simultaneously if you are not already working in the industry.

Cosmetic Laser Technology Degree Information

Cosmetic Laser Training

Certified courses in cosmetic laser training are available and typically aimed at licensed estheticians or nurses, physicians or people in related fields who want to increase expand their skills to include cosmetic lasers. This type of program typically includes topics such as laser science, laser safety, laser maintenance and client consultations. In addition, students also receive hands-on practical training in areas such as laser hair reduction, tattoo removal and laser vein therapy. Laser certification courses can be completed in as little as a few days time, but additional hours of practice with lasers might be required afterwards.

Licensing And Certification

In addition to licensing that adheres to the requirements of your state, it is also possible to obtain certification from the National Council on Laser Certifications, or NCLC. These enable you to be certified as an aesthetic laser operator, laser hair removal specialist or laser hair removal supervisor.

Cosmetic Laser Technology Degree FAQs

 What Type Of Regulations Are There For Cosmetic Laser Technology?

 Most states in the US have their own regulations concerning cosmetic laser technology, so make sure you are aware what these are before studying. For example, certain states require that you have a specified number of training hours or hands on training while in others you might also need an esthetician or other additional license to work.

Can I Study Cosmetic Laser Technology Online?

 Because you will typically be working with very specialized equipment there are generally no online options available to those who want to study cosmetic laser technology. However, course topics related to this field, such as safety and sanitation methods can be found online.

What Will I Typically Learn During A Course In Cosmetic Laser Technology?

The main outcome of most cosmetic laser technology programs is understanding laser physics as well as laser safety. In most cases you will be taught how to use a cosmetic laser for various procedures, such as skin tightening, hair removal, acne treatments and more. Some courses also include topics related to the marketing of your cosmetic laser offerings.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study Cosmetic Laser Technology?

 In addition to being comfortable with technology and having a passion for the beauty industry, it is also beneficial if you have excellent customer service skills. Attention to detail is essential and you must be willing to stay up do date with new advances in cosmetic laser technology as it is a cutting edge field. Due to the nature of the work you need very good hand-eye coordination and also have good judgment. Good communication skills will make it easier to calm down clients who might be nervous about undergoing treatment.

 What Type of Responsibilities Might I Have When Working As A Laser Technician?

The most common activity associated with this type of job is hair removal. Using special equipment, you will be responsible for the removal of unwanted hair on the faces or bodies of your clients. However, there is more to cosmetic laser technology than this. Some people also undergo laser treatment for the removal of spider veins, which is small blood vessels that sometimes occur on the skin of people’s legs. Some laser technicians also use their skills and training to remove tattoos of people who no longer want the ink on their bodies. Finally, you might be called upon to perform skin rejuvenation or pigmented skin lesion removal on clients. These are just the primary job responsibilities and you will usually also have to consult with clients, thoroughly inspect your equipment as well as perform maintenance and cleaning of your hardware.

What Type Of Employment Opportunities Might I Have After My Studies?

Cosmetic laser technicians are usually employed in a range of work settings. These can range from beauty salons and spas to dermatology clinics and physician’s offices. Some technicians also work at aesthetics studios or electrolysis and laser hair removal studios. It is also possible to use your skills and become self employed by either opening a new location or coming to an arrangement with a physician.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn While Working In This Field?

The type of salary you can earn when working as a cosmetic laser technician usually depends on the level of your training, experience and job responsibilities. Because cosmetic laser technology is such a new field, there aren’t any median salary figures available for the industry yet. However, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that skincare specialists earned about $30,090 per year during 2015. Depending on where you are employed, you might also earn a commission rate in addition to your regular hourly rates to supplement your income.

What Are The Other Advantages To Studying Cosmetic Laser Technology?

In addition to being a very rewarding career where you get to help other people regain their self-confidence, working as a cosmetic laser technician also provides job security. There is a constant and growing demand amongst men and women for this type of service in an attempt to combat the effects of aging. This results in employment growth as well as job opportunities in the field. Beauty services is also an industry that continues to sell well even when the economy is down.

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