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Computers are an integral part of our everyday lives, both in the business arena and at home. For every computer, there is a wealth of hardware and software required for making everything work in a seamless fashion. Those elements are designed, developed and supported by a specialized group of engineers who work in computer engineering. If you love working with computers, then a career in computer and software engineering may be for you. Distance learning offers an excellent way to get started in this exciting and innovative field, and best of all, you don't have to give up your current job in order to pursue your academic goals.

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Computer & Software Engineering Degree FAQs

What Is Included in the Curriculum for Computer and Software Engineering Online Degree Programs?

Most online computer and software engineering programs feature a comprehensive focus on math and science classes like calculus and physics. There is also a heavy concentration on computer sciences like networking, programming, digital logic design, processor interfacing and technology.

What Do Computer and Software Engineers Do?

Computer and software engineers design the complex integration system required for computer hardware and software to effectively work together. If a problem arises somewhere within the system, it is the responsibility of the computer and software engineer to find and resolve the situation.

Are There Any Special Areas of Study Within the Computer and Software Engineering Field?

Yes. Some of the specialty areas of study include computer programming, information technology, telecommunications, computer security and computer software development.

Are Online Computer and Software Degrees Recognized by Employers?

Yes. Online degree programs provided by accredited colleges and universities earn the same amount of respect and recognition as degrees earned at traditional four-year colleges. In some cases, employers may even prefer a candidate who has earned his or her degree online because it represents hard work and determination to succeed.

Is a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Required for Acceptance Into an Online Computer and Software Program?

It usually is, but some programs may offer the program as a specialized four-year degree. In most cases, computer and software engineering degrees are graduate-level programs designed for students who are building upon a bachelor's degree and on the way to earning a master's.

Why Should I Choose an Online Degree Program in the Field of Computer and Software Engineering?

Enrollment in online degree programs affords the students certain advantages that four-year college classes do not. For instance, the student can continue to work a full-time job and attend online classes at convenient times.

Imagine being able to take college and university programs from the comfort of your own home. No traveling to school after a long day of work. No loud dorm rooms that can prevent you from studying. Everything is under your control and can be tailored to fit your lifestyle and schedule. Enroll in a distance learning program and get the education you desire in a format that fits your life.

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