Get A Great Start In The Information Technology Industry: Computer Applications Degree

If you would enjoy working in an office setting using a variety of computer applications, then a degree in computer applications can help you to get on to this career path. Completing a computer applications degree is great for preparing yourself for a practical job in the field of information technology. With the available courses you can learn how to develop as well as implement various software projects. Although a wide range of abilities is needed to thrive in this career field, it is very rewarding and can open up a lot of opportunities for you.

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Computer Applications Degree Information

Certificate Program in Computer Applications

If you eventually want to earn a computer applications degree, then a certificate program can be a good starting point. It will help you to expand your knowledge of the use of computer software applications in the world of business. Typically these types of courses will include topics such as website design, fundamentals of information technology and word processing software.

Associate of Applied Science in Computer Applications

The Associate of Applied Science in Computer Applications course is suitable for students who are interested in basic computer software installation as well as hardware maintenance. This type of course tends to cover technical knowledge, along with business applications, customer service, communication and other workplace skills. To enroll in this type of program you usually require a high school diploma or the equivalent and the course itself can typically be completed in two years. Common course topics include networking, internet technology, information systems and word processing.

Bachelor of Computer Applications

The Bachelor of Computer Applications course is aimed at students who have an interest in working in a computer-related field. It is perfect for those who want to pursue career options in programming or software development in the information technology sector. Completing a BCA course takes about three years and can be followed with a master course in computer applications. Subjects covered in a BCA course can include programming principles and algorithms, software engineering, networking, E-Commerce, multimedia systems and more.

Master of Computer Applications

The Master of Computer Applications is a postgraduate course and can be taken after you have obtained a bachelor’s degree. Since it is focused on application development, it includes a lot of emphasis on the tools and programming language needed for the development of software applications. Completing a MCA course takes about three years and typically cover subjects such as computer networks, application software development, system designing, warehousing and database administration.

Degree Programs you Might Like

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Computer Applications Degree FAQ

Is It Possible To Earn A Computer Applications Degree Online?

Because computer applications is such a technologically driven field, it is easy and convenient to earn your degree online. Typically, all that is required to study the subject online is a computer and access to an internet connection. Course content can be viewed on any internet connected device and with many courses you can connect with fellow students for support or gain access to e-libraries around the clock. These electronic school libraries often also provide downloadable texts, which is cheaper than buying outside textbooks. Assignments can be uploaded using online content management systems and there is usually no need to attend any physical classes. This makes these types of online courses ideal for people with busy schedules who want to study when and where it suits them best.

What Skills Should I Have Before Enrollment?

Because computer applications is a technical based education it will be beneficial to have at least some basic knowledge of both computers as well as word processing before you enroll in a course. Typing skills will also be very useful along with a good grasp of critical thinking. Depending on the direction in which you want to work you will also benefit from numerical and analytical skills. Finally, as with any job where you might be required to work in a team, it is essential to have good communication skills.

What Are My Career Options & Earning Potential?

After completing at least an associate’s degree program in computer applications you will have all the skills required for a variety of entry-level positions. These include any type of jobs that require computer competencies such as Web programmer, computer programmer analyst, programmer analyst, applications developer and computer programmer. Information provided by the U.S. Department of Labor indicates that technology occupations could be among the fastest-growing industries through 2024, with expect growth of up to 12 percent. This places it amongst the top industries in regards to predicted job growth. They also estimate that the median annual wage for people working in the computer and information technology field to be about $81,430. This is higher than what the median annual wage is for all other occupations. Your earning potential will largely depend on your occupation in the field, for example, computer network architects had a median pay of $110,620 in 2015 while database administrators earned about $81,710. As the information technology industry continues to grow more opportunities will keep arising for students proficient in computer applications.

What Will My Job Responsibilities Be?

Students with a Bachelor of Computer Applications commonly go on to work as computer programmers or administrators. As such your duties might include data entry, decoding of computer language, writing in computer languages, fixing and debugging the code of different programs and more. On the other hand, earning a MCA and working as a software application architect might require you to develop technical guidelines and protocols. Working as a software consultant is another popular career choice as it allows you to be self-employed while evaluating businesses and providing them with feedback on how to improve efficiency via software solutions.

What Are The Other Advantages of Studying Computer Applications?

A thorough understanding of computer applications can be beneficial for any career in the IT industry. It also makes you ideally suited for various roles within the IT sector. Because of the skills they learn while studying computer applications, students often also go on to find employment in areas as diverse as banking, e-Commerce, government agencies, stock exchanges and security companies. Also, since computers have become an essential component of just about any business, there will always be a need for computer savvy personnel.

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