It’s All in the Code: Computer Programming

Computer programming involves writing and maintaining the source of code in computer programs, as well as fixing any problems that come up in the process of creating a program language. Taking classes in computer programming will teach you how to instruct computers to perform functions, as well as repair, monitor and expand programs. An online degree in computer programming will equip you with the necessary skills to find a job in the technology sector.

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Computer Programming Degree Information

Very few corporations can function today without the use of computers, and computer programmers are already in high demand. Even a basic degree in computer programming can open up many career options for those who are able to master the concepts involved.

Study Options

Computer programming students can earn an Associate of Science in Computer Programming or a computer programming certificate in two years. A bachelor's degree will require at least four years of study and a Master of Science in Computer Programming an additional two years after that. As more people are awakening to the benefits of a computer programming degree, it behooves students to try to go as far as they can with their computer programming education in order to secure the best and most lucrative job options.

Advanced Degrees

Since more than two thirds of computer programmers have bachelor's degrees or better, it is more important than ever to obtain an advanced computer programming degree. Students can pursue a Master of Science in Computer Programming as well as taking courses for certifications in different areas of computer programming (specific programming languages, for example).

Master Of Science

In around two years, students can build on their bachelor's degree in computer programming by obtaining a Master of Science Degree in Computer Programming or Information Technology. This degree will help graduates qualify for many of the jobs available in the technology world today. Students who are willing to put in the extra work needed for a graduate degree in computer programming will often be richly rewarded.

Further Education

Although a doctorate in computer programming is not required for most desirable computer programming jobs, obtaining that extra level of education will be appealing to many employers and may increase your earning potential. It may also give you the capability to produce independent research innovations in the field of computer programming.

Choosing A Degree

Most high schools today now offer some kind of basic computer courses. Students who took to these courses readily and hunger for more computing information, or who independently have explored the possibilities of computer programming should definitely consider a degree in this lucrative field. Those with a facility in mathematics, science and/or engineering will also find they have an aptitude for computer programming.

Career Opportunities

Today, computer programmers are the people who keep industry moving. Computer programmers may find opportunities in the military, in video game development, in business software development, as the go-to person in an Internet company or managing computer operations for a large corporation. Nearly any industry you can think of will have some opportunities for computer programmers.

Earning Potential

Computer programmers have tremendous earning potential. The median annual salary of a computer programmer is around $65,000, while the most successful computer programmers make over $100,000 a year. Software designers and developers tend to make the most, while programmers involved in company management and systems design tend to make slightly less. Remember, computer programmers with bachelor's degrees often make more that those with just professional certificates, and those with master's degrees may make more than those with only the bachelor's degree in computer programming.

Getting Your Degree Online

Computer programming is an ideal degree to get online. You can earn a computer programming certificate or associate's degree online in just a couple of years and already be in a position to increase your earning potential from your current low-paying job. You can also earn a four-year Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming online and since your distance learning program requires the use of the Internet and computer software, you can be fairly confident that youíre getting a relevant, top education in computer programming when you take courses from a reputable, accredited online college or university.

Getting Your Degree Offline

While you can definitely get a great computer programming education online, a physical university or college is a great place for learning computers as well, whether youíre coming straight from high school or taking computer courses as part of a continuing education program. Brick-and-mortar universities will allow you access to the schoolís computer labs and onsite resources, which can be a great help in the learning process. If you attend a traditional college or university, you will be required to put forth a significant time commitment, as you will be expected to be on campus at the times that classes are scheduled and will have to put in time for school-related projects as well. However, the degree that you leave with after four or six years will in most cases be so valuable that it will be well worth the time you put in to get it.

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Computer Programming Degree FAQs

Do I Need a Degree to Work in Computer Programming?

Given the advanced nature of the subject, most companies require at least a bachelor's degree in computer programming. You may be able to find an entry-level or assistant job with an associate's degree. However, in order to further your career, you will want to go back and earn a four-year degree.

What Are the Requirements for Acceptance Into a Computer Programming Degree Program?

Whether you apply to an online college for a degree or wish to attend a traditional university, computer programming majors must have a high school diploma or equivalency. If you are looking to earn a four-year degree, make sure your associate's degree will transfer to the new school. Always call the admissions office or go their website and find out the answers to any questions you might have.

What Topics Are Covered in Computer Programming Degree Programs?

Computer programming covers many of the basics of computer science and goes further by teaching a specialized area of technology. Students will learn about a large variety of operating systems in addition to testing different programs and running them to ensure the instructions work efficiently without bugs or other problems. Computer programmers also get to create software platforms and implement them, thereby applying real-world experience in classroom situations.

What Can I Do with a Computer Programming Degree?

Careers in computer programming are mainly concentrated to computer systems designs and related services, such as software publishing. Computer programmers also work in government agencies, insurance, financial and educational institutions.

What Is Required of Someone Who Works in Computer Programming?

Anyone who studies computer programming needs a very strong math and computer science background, as well as the ability to communicate well with peers, analyze problems and solve technical issues quickly under pressure.

What Kinds of Salary Can I Expect from a Career in Computer Programming?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the average earnings for computer programmers are $65,000 annually. Depending on the job title and level of experience, those who study computer programming can earn up to $80,000, especially for software publishers and computer systems designers.

Computer Programing Student Guide

Computer programming is the discipline of understanding and manipulating the source code that makes computers work. Computer programmers know how to write this code in order to create computer software programs, how to test these programs and how to fix these programs when they don't work. Understanding and working with the programming languages that utilize the source code is extremely complex, but those who are capable of doing it well are in great demand.

Computer Programming Books

Students who are getting started in computer programming may wish to read "Faster Smarter Beginning Programming" by Jim Buyens, "You can Do It!: A Beginning Instruction to Computer Programming" by Francis Glassborow and/or "Concepts, Techniques and Models of Computer Programming" by Peter Van Roy and Seif Haridi. Other computer programming books are available at your school library, at and you can even get a wide variety of computer programming texts at no cost at

Computer Programming Articles And Databases

Computer programming articles can be found all over the Internet. Many should be available at your schools library. Another great source of computer programming and related articles is Suite 101 ( Additional computer programming information can be found for free online at

Online Computer Programming Journals

While learning computer programming basics and innovations in computer programming, you may wish to refer to some computer programming journals. Some computer programming journals that you can gain access to online include the Science of Computer Programming, MSDN Online, Information and Software Technology and the Journal of Discrete Algorithms. These journals and others can be found through your school library or elsewhere throughout the Internet.

Other Computer Programming Research Tools

A great tool for budding or current computer programmers is the Internet Public Library. Their programming section ( has information about programming in various languages, source code guides and programming FAQs to help you through your biggest computer programming obstacles.

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