Taking On A Leadership or Management Role in The Church: Christian Leadership Degree

Would you like to follow a career path where you get to integrate your faith with your passion for business? With a Christian Leadership degree you can combine the best of both these worlds to build upon a fulfilling career. Any organization can benefit immensely from people with great business skills and the church is no exception. The completion of a Christian Leadership degree can assist you with not only strengthening your faith, but also building up your administrative and managerial skills. This in turn can fully prepare you for stepping up to leadership positions in either religious institutions or even the nonprofit sector. By combining fundamental business practices with theological issues and biblical writings this program helps you to grow spiritually as well as professionally.

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Christian Leadership Degree Information

Associate of Christian Leadership Degree

The Associate of Christian Leadership degree is a 60 credit program that can be completed online. It is ideal for students who are interested in Christian leadership, but who have not yet completed any other college programs. Course topics for this degree may include Communion With God, Developing the Leader Within, Apprenticed to Leadership, Creative Problem Solving, Cornerstones of Communication, Building Dynamic Teams and Visionary Leadership.

Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership and Management Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership and Management degree is available as a 100% online program and typically requires 120 credit hours to complete. Many institutions that offer this degree program online also allow students to transfer in a certain amount of hours to complete the course. Course topics may include Evangelism and Christian Life, Philosophy and Contemporary Ideas, Principles of Accounting, Inductive Bible Study, Business Law, Principles of Marketing, Organizational Behavior and Methods of Teaching Bible and Religion.

Master of Arts in Christian Leadership Degree

Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in Christian Leadership can also go on to enroll in a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership degree program. This type of degree is aimed at students who wish to build their management philosophy on a strong theological foundation. Usually 38 credits are required for this type of degree and core courses may include Ministerial Ethics, Practical Theology, Christian Doctrines, Biblical Foundations of Christian Leadership and Best Practices in Christian Leadership.

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Christian Leadership FAQ

Is This Type of Degree Available As An Online Only Program?

There are a number of Christian Leadership and Management degrees that are available as 100% online programs. This means that students are able to complete all of their studies over the internet and without the need to attend any campus based classes. This is obviously beneficial for students who are not able to attend campus based programs due to their location, existing work obligations or family life. Completing an online degree in this field is usually also more affordable than the campus based programs. In order to take part in an online Christian Leadership and Management degree programs, students must have a computer or laptop with an internet connection. Online degrees in this field are available at associate, bachelors as well as masters degree levels.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For This Type Of Degree?

For enrollment in a Christian Management and Leadership degree program you typically need to first have earned either a high school diploma or GED. In addition, it is obviously preferred that you are a firm believer in the Christian faith. While the degree will help to hone your critical thinking skills as well as organizational skills, it is important that you are skilled in these areas already. You must have good leadership skills and be willing to use your knowledge and experience to guide others. In addition, you should be sincere, care for others and have strong convictions.

What Type of Career Paths Might Be Open To Me With A Degree In Christian Leadership?

Christian Leadership might sound like a very specific degree, but the amount of career paths that stem from it is surprisingly diverse. This means that you can typically choose a career path that suits your needs and expectations. If you love the great outdoors, then you’ll find that becoming a camp director will enable you to integrate this passion with your faith. There are also many outdoor adventure ministries that make use of people with a Christian Leadership degree. In addition to working in local church ministry, there are also opportunities outside the church as a chaplain. Following this path may mean working in a military or hospital setting or even at prisons. Outside of pastoral leadership, you might also be able to find career options in communications or executive leadership as well as working with nonprofit organizations. Completing a masters degree in this field can open doors to becoming a minster, manager, program director, administrator, executive and more. Combining a Christian Leadership degree with another degree can also open up further career opportunities.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn With A Degree In Christian Leadership?

The income potential for those with a degree in Christian Leadership depends on a variety of factors, including the type of career path that they have chosen as well as their geographical location. According to information published by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual wage for members of the clergy is about $45,740. However, some states such as the District of Columbia, Hawaii and Washington tend to offer more competitive salaries than other states for members of this profession.

What Type of Responsibilities Might I Have When Employed In This Industry?

Once again, the type of responsibilities that you might have after earning a degree in Christian Leadership will depend on the type of career path that you chose.

What Are The Other Advantages of Studying Christian Leadership?

Although Christian Leadership degree programs are obviously based around the Christian faith, they still offer a lot of sound business advice that is useful in any profession. This means that even if you don’t end up working in a religious capacity, the skills you learn will still be very valuable.

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