Using Your Faith And Knowledge To Assist Those In Need: Christian Counseling Degree

Are you interested in a career in counseling, but want to approach it from a Christian perspective? Earning a degree in Christian Counseling is one of the best ways to get a biblical and theological education on the subject to help prepare you for this field. This type of degree typically teaches you skills that are valuable for Christian ministry and the principles you learn can then be applied to a variety of settings. Students who are interested in this field can choose whether they want to provide broad level counseling or specialize in a particular field, such as family, marriage or even addiction. Since not all counselors are Christians, many people who are going through tough situations prefer counseling from someone who shares their faith.

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Christian Counseling Degree Information

Family Christian Counseling Certificate

Students who are unsure if they want to commit to a degree in the field of Christian counseling yet can also opt for a Family Christian Counseling Certificate. Typically the only requirement to enroll in this type of program is a high school diploma or equivalent. Course topics may include family ministry, essential qualities of a Christian Counselor, abnormal psychology, marriage and psychology as well as crisis counseling. The purpose of this certificate is to help students develop the basic skills that are required to serve as lay leaders. It can also help students to better empathize with the hurt and suffering of families or individuals. This type of certificate tend to consist of 18 credits, which can usually be completed within a year.

Bachelor of Science in Christian Caregiving and Counseling

The Bachelor of Science in Christian Caregiving and Counseling is a program that is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to help people. Many Christian students who would like to go on and become professional counselors use this type of degree as their bachelor’s-level foundation. The program typically includes courses in counseling psychology, pastoral care, pastoral leadership, crisis intervention, theological and spiritual counseling as well as individual and group procedures. Complete a bachelor’s degree is typically a four year process.

Master of Arts in Christian Counseling

The Master of Arts in Christian Counseling is a degree that can be obtained after about two years of studying. It instructs students in counseling using a biblical framework and usually requires students to already hold an accredited bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Course topics may include foundations of biblical counseling, essential doctrines of Christian counseling, group counseling, psychopathology, addiction and substance abuse, as well as legal and ethical issues in counseling.


While there are in most cases no specific licensure required for Christian counselors, state licensure is required in most states to practice as any type of counselor. These requirements vary from state to state, so make sure that you are aware of what is needed in the state where you live or want to practice. Typically, counselors are required to have at least a master’s degree in counseling along with a certain amount of experience of clinical counseling. For most states you’ll also need to take and pass a national exam.

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Christian Counseling Degree FAQs

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For A Christian Counseling Degree?

The most obvious requirement for anyone interested in earning this type of degree and becoming a Christian counselor is being a devout Christian. In addition, you also need a strong desire to help those around you who are in need. The ability to listen well is useful, as is good communication skills. To be an effective Christian counselor you must also be able to avoid being judgmental and show compassion for the problems that others are dealing with.

Can This Type of Degree Be Earned Online?

Courses in Christian Counseling are available online and will provide you with the same degree as those obtained by attending a campus. Studying this type of degree online is ideal for students who already have work or family commitments that make it impossible to follow a campus based program. It is not only easier to fit an online degree in your schedule, but in many cases the tuition is also more affordable. In addition, most online degree programs enable you to study year-round, which means you are able to complete your degree faster. Online courses typically provide students with modules that can be viewed online or downloaded along with additional useful resources. Students can also interact with each other or teachers using online methods of communication.

What Types of Potential Careers Are Available With A Christian Counseling Degree?

Obtaining a major in Christian Counseling can help to prepare you for a career as a lay or pastoral counselor or substance abuse counselor. Many students with this type of degree also opt to work as community health workers. Opportunities also exist for Christian counselors at non-profit organizations.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn With This Type of Degree?

Depending on your qualifications and areas of interest there are a number of career paths available to you, each with their own earning potential. For example, if you opt to become a family counselor, you could potentially earn about $44,170 per year based on the 2016 figures released by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the other hand, substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors earned a median pay of $41,070 per year during 2016. Students can even go on to become social workers and the 2016 median pay for this occupation was about $46,890 per year. However, keep in mind that to work as a counselor, additional state licensing laws are usually applicable.

What Might My Responsibilities Be When Working In This Type of Field?

Your responsibilities might differ depending on the career path that you choose, but will typically involve providing counseling services to those in need and doing so from a Christian perspective. It usually involves working with families or individuals as well as children or adolescents. In most cases you’ll be dealing with people who are facing issues such as depression, family discord and addiction in their lives.

What Are The Other Advantages To Studying Christian Counseling?

One of the biggest reasons why students opt for a degree in Christian Counseling is that it enables them to help others while also living out their faith. While the career paths that stem from this type of degree can be challenging because you deal with a lot of serious issues, it can also be very rewarding to help others to face their problems, overcome addictions and improve their mental as emotional wellbeing.

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