Changing The World of Children For The Better: Child Development Degree

Do you love children and would like to make sure that they develop to reach their full potential? With a child development degree you can improve your chances of finding employment in this exciting industry and help to create better learning environments for children. All children go through periods of learning and discovery as they grow and with the knowledge and skills you can acquire from this type of degree you will know exactly how to guide them through this process. So, if you care about the emotional and social as well as intellectual well-being of children, this area of study can lead to some very fulfilling career paths.

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Child Development Degree Information

Associate of Arts in Child Development

Completing an Associate of Arts in Child Development degree will assist students in learning how to assess the learning environment of children and how to formulate plans of action. The degree is also designed to teach students how to use strategies that are developmentally and culturally sensitive when dealing with children. Major requirements for this degree can include child growth and development, observation and assessment, social and emotional foundations for early learning and principles and practices of teaching young children. Elective courses can include curriculum and strategies for children with special needs, emergent literacy and children’s literature and advanced curriculum development.

Bachelor of Arts in Child Development

The Bachelor of Arts in Child Development is a degree that is aimed at improving your ability as well as competence when working with children. Students are taught how much children are influenced by culture and family structures and how important it is for them to play as part of learning and development. The knowledge gained through this degree can then be used to become an advocate for children along with their families and education. Course topics may include an introduction to child development, language development in young children, understanding behavior and family dynamics as well as assessment and intervention during early childhood. Completing this degree can lead to a professional degree as a tutor, camp counselor, teacher assistant, daycare provider or in human services.

Master of Science in Child and Adolescent Development

With a master’s degree in the field of child and adolescent development, students typically learn about the social, education and mental issues that impact children during development. The information about child development that is covered in a master’s degree is generally very in-depth and is suitable for people who wish to become child development specialists or early childhood education specialist. This type of course is also often favored by students who want to go on and earn a doctorate in psychology. Core courses may include physical growth and development, cognitive development, language development and psychosocial development in infancy and childhood. This type of course typically also feature assessment elective courses, such as assessment of new language learners, assessment for classroom teachers and infant screening and assessment amongst others.

The Child Development Associate Credential

Students who wishes to obtain further credentials in early childhood education can apply for the Child Development Associate Credential. It is one of the most widely recognized credentials in this field in the United States and is offered in four different settings. After applying, which requires a certain amount of formal training in a particular age group, students also undergo an observation and testing process.

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Child Development Degree FAQs

Is This Type of Degree Available In An Online Format?

If you are an adult student with work commitments that prevent you from attending full-time campus based courses, it is still possible to obtain your child development degree online. Some bachelor’s degree courses in this field requires that you are either employed or at least volunteering regularly in the area of education with children for admission consideration.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study Child Development?

Before studying or working in this type of field it is important to know whether you would enjoy working with children or not. It is a career path that requires a lot of patience, as well as the ability to work efficiently with people that may come from various different backgrounds. You need strong communication skills as you will not only be dealing with children, but also with their parents. Working closely with children is also something that requires a lot of physical stamina. While it is a career path that requires a lot of sensitivity, especially as you will be dealing with children and their families, it also requires a high degree of professionalism.

What Type of Career Options Are Available In This Field?

There are many types of careers available in the field of child development, but your education will play an important role when it comes to your choices. While a bachelor’s degree is generally sufficient for many of the entry-level positions, you are going to need at least an advanced degree if you are interested in clinical or therapeutic counseling jobs. For supervisor and administrative jobs a master’s degree is often required while a PhD is usually only necessary if you are interested in a research position or college teaching. People who study this field often go on to work in settings such as child enrichment centers, day care centers, preschools and other places where they can work with children. Popular jobs include daycare service providers, social workers and preschool teachers. More advanced career paths include child care center director, early childhood education regulator and early childhood education specialist.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn When Working In The Field of Child Development?

There are numerous positions related to child development, ranging from entry level jobs to more advanced career paths. This means that there is also a big difference in how much you can potentially earn. For example, as of 2019, teacher assistants earned about $27,920 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while preschool teachers earned $30,520. On the other hand, preschool and childcare center directors made a median salary of about $48,210 during 2019.

What Are The Other Advantages To Studying Child Development?

For anyone who are passionate about working with children it can be very rewarding to have a career in the field of child development. It is also a very fascinating field of study and, of course, the knowledge and skills you gain can also be applied to the benefit of your own children. Working with children also means that there is rarely a dull moment and each day brings new challenges.

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