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Beginner's Guide to Organic Synthesis - (dead link)
By Otto Meth-Cohn, University of Sunderland

Didactics of Chemistry
Institute for Organic Chemistry, University of Regensburg

Electronic Conferences on Trends in Organic Chemistry

Ohio State University Chemistry Dept. - Organic Chemistry Resources
Maintained by Todd Lowary

  • Electronic Organic Chemistry Flash Cards
    "These flashcards will help you learn and practice many aspects of organic chemistry. We have constructed flashcard decks for each topic to the left. Each time you visit, the decks will be shuffled for you."

Organic Chemistry Help
Sections of this well organized site include: Tutorials ; Mechanisms ; Organic Help ; Relevant Links ; Practice Tests ; Message Board.
By Arthur Winter, Chemistry Dept., Frostburg State University

Organic Chemistry OnLine Tutorial - (dead link)
"This tutorial consists of a series of short reviews, followed by problems and exercises on that topic"
By Paul R. Young, University of Illinois at Chicago

Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide
"Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide is focused on synthetic organic chemists involved in academic or industrial research."
Topics include Chemical Information, Databases, Articles, Patents, Journals, Dissertations, Reviews, Reference Works, Current Awareness, Guides, and much more.
By Koen Van Aken

Organic Reaction Roadmap
Abby Parrill, Dept. of Chemistry, Michigan State University

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