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Analytical Chemistry Springboard
Major sections include: Analytical Techniques ; Information Resources.
By Knut Irgum, Analytical Chemistry, Ume University.

Beyond Discovery
The Path from Research to Human Benefit
" a series of articles that trace the origins of important recent technological and medical advances. Each story reveals the crucial role played by basic science, the applications of which could not have been anticipated at the time the original research was conducted."
Subjects include: Agriculture ; Biology ; Chemistry ; Earth Sciences ; Environmental Issues ; Health ; Mathematics ; Physics ; Technology.

Chemistry Sources
Sections include: Metasites ; Databases ; Service-oriented Sites ; Preprints ; Technical Reports ; Patents ; Reference Tools/data/spectra ; Electronic Journals ; Commercial Sources of Supply of Chemicals ; Associations ; Instructional Materials ; News/Newsletters/Magazines ; Newsgroups ; Safety
Also published in College & Research Libraries News, November 2000.
By Ibironke Lawal, Engineering and Science Librarian, Virginia Commonwealth University

Classic Chemistry
"The principal purpose of this site is to post the texts of several classic papers from the history of chemistry. This site also contains pointers to a few other chemistry-related sites and supports my courses."
Compiled by Carmen Giunta, Dept. of Chemistry, Le Moyne College

Clearinghouse for Chemical Information Instructional Materials
"(CCIIM) collects and distributes items that were developed to instruct you in the use of chemical information sources. These may have been created by chemistry or science librarians, chemists, publishers, or others...Many of the titles listed in the CCIIM are freely available on the Internet"

[Physical Chemistry] Physical Chemistry with a Purpose
"The goal of this NSF funded project is to produce a trial set of materials that can be used in physical chemistry courses to more tightly connect the topics introduced in available texts to the realm of modern chemical research."

Selected Internet Resources for Chemistry (SIRCh)
Chemical Information Sources from Indiana University
A very well organized collection of resources, especially strong in the information science aspect of the field.
Compiled and maintained by Gary Wiggins

Theoretical Chemistry
A Self-Guided Introduction for College Students
"This web site is intended to provide college science majors with a brief introduction to the field of theoretical chemistry, both in a historical context and as it is practiced today. It is also designed to offer practicing chemists and other scientists perspective about how this field can impact their own."
By Jack Simons, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Utah

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