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Chemistry Databases

Chemical Physics Preprint Database
"...a fully automated electronic archive and distribution server for the international theoretical chemistry community."
Brown University Dept. of Chemistry

International Toxicity Estimates for Risk Database (ITER)
"ITER is a compilation of human health risk values for over 500 chemicals of environmental concern from several health organizations worldwide. The database is the only on-line source of compiled risk values that provides side-by-side comparisons of values. All of the data are presented in a tabular format for ease of comparison and the reasons for differences among the organizations' values are explained."
By Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA)

National Wetlands Biogeochemical Database
" an effort to locate, collect and compile existing biogeochemical information on wetlands of the United States including Hawaii and Alaska...When complete, the NWBD will provide a reference data set that can be queried at different regional, community, or temporal scales. Using this information, a summary of existing data on mean, range, deviation and other descriptive statistics of various wetland biogeochemical parameters can be assessed.
Wetland Biogeochemistry Laboratory, University of Florida

University of Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory - Radiation Chemistry Data Center
" an information resource dedicated to the collection, evaluation, and dissemination of data characterizing the reactions of transient intermediates produced by radiation chemical and photochemical methods."

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