Smart Students Take Full Advantage of Campus Resources

One thing many college students never discover over their two or four years in college, are the impressive resources available on campus for preparing them for a career, for learning effective writing and studying skills, for health, physical, emotional and mental and for student activities. Most college students never darken the career center door, nor do they find tutors they need to help with tricky math and science problems. Take advantage of all that your campus offers in terms of resources. Using these services can help you grow academically, teach you good time management skills that will stand in good stead all your life, find you a Spanish tutor, advise you on courses to take for the career you want and assist you with all health concerns that arise over your college career.

Think of this: never again in your life will you find so many different resources in one place. No real world company can or will provide you with assistance in getting through a tough project, nor will you find health care, career networking or any of the other programs provided at colleges. If you want to be a truly savvy student, feel free to learn everything you can by exploring the rich resources offered on your campus. Here’s some of the common programs available at most colleges throughout the nation:

Academic Resources

Academic resource centers might be known by a variety of different names, but it is where you will find class review sessions, tutors for different classes and subjects, workshops on time management and effective studying skills, reading and test taking skills and writing support. Academic advisors may also be available here as well. If you fall behind in a class, or can’t quite grasp a difficult concept in calculus, take advantage of your college’s academic center and find help. Find a peer tutor, a student who has previously taken the same class you’re struggling with who can help you get back on track.

Computer Technical Support

Most colleges have computing centers that not only provide tech support, but can advise you on different software programs. They may have a computer lab that offers classes or workshops that teach how to use a variety of software programs. You can also buy software or license to use software at discounted prices. If you need any computing assistance, this is the place to go.

Athletic Center

Your college’s athletic center can tell you how to access all the athletic resources available at the college. You’ll find weight rooms, gyms, exercise rooms and classes and a variety of treadmills, rowing machines, stationary bikes, handball and racquetball courts and whatever else the athletic center offers in terms of recreation and sports. A stop here a few times a week could take care of all of your exercise needs.

Career Services

Remember why you’re here in college in the first place: to prepare yourself for a career. While most students never do check out the career services center, be sure you do. You can take assessment tests on your skills and interests, you can read about a huge variety of different careers, learn networking skills, find internships, prepare your resume and get assistance in finding a summer job. You can do practice interviews with professionals who can help build your strengths and downplay your weaknesses. Since it is unlikely you’ll ever have so many career resources available again, take full advantage of it while you do. Get to know the career services staff as they can help you with the first few jobs you get after college.

Health and Counseling

Whether you slammed a finger in the car door or you need to talk to someone because your boyfriend broke up with you, this is the place to come for help. For health problems, most campus health centers can do examinations, lab tests and x-rays and perhaps even more extensive services. If not, they can refer you to local health care centers or hospitals. Usually a professional counseling center is located near the health center. Many have a variety of professionals including social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists. Do yourself a favor and don’t put off dealing with either your physical or mental health.

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