Bridging The Gap Between Business & Technology: Business Technology Degree

If you have a head for business and a passion for technology then a business technology degree will enable you to experience the best of both worlds. Technology has transformed the way in which we do business and if you want to stay on the cutting edge of this transformation this is the field to study. Because technology is now used in all facets of business it makes a business technology degree very useful addition to your resume. Business technology is quite a broad field, which gives you the opportunity to choose in which areas you want to specialize as well as the career paths you want to pursue.

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Business Technology Degree Information

Business Technology - Associate in Applied Science Degree

Enrolling in an Associate in Applied Science degree program in Business Technology will provide you with all the knowledge you need to work in entry-level positions for businesses, industries or the government. The course will also equip you with all the essentials skills needed to startup and operate your own small business. Completing the program ensures that are knowledgeable in business administration and can apply critical thinking while making leadership decisions in the workplace. You’ll also be able to apply your software skills for solving a variety of business problems and have an advanced understanding of database, spreadsheet and computerized accounting applications.

Business Technology Management Bachelor’s Degree

If you are already working in the information technology field and would like to advance your career into management positions then this is the ideal course. It is also very beneficial for managers who want to increase their understanding of information technology. With the skills learned during a business technology management bachelor’s degree course you’ll be able to manage an IT department, operate an internal computer network and much more. This type of course includes a combination of finance, IT, and management subjects. Students might be required to complete certain basic IT prerequisites, depending on which online provide they choose to study this course at.

Business and Information Technology Bachelor’s Degree Programs

With programs such as a Bachelor of Science in Business and IT you’ll gain more in-depth knowledge of resource management, business operations and the use of technologies such as databases and networks in companies. With this type of course you can expect topics such as operating systems, marketing, web administration, finance and management.

Business and Information Technology Master’s Degree Programs

When enrolling in master’s degree programs you can expect your business and IT related coursework to be more theoretical and managerial. Programs in this field include Master of Business Administration and Master of Science degrees. Depending on the program you choose you might also have to select what the emphasis of the course should be, for example marketing or accounting. You can expect advanced classes in business as well as having to complete a master’s project. Managerial economics, software management, marketing management and other topics are usually covered in these courses.

Degree Programs you Might Like

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Business Technology Degree FAQ

Who is The Ideal Candidate To Enroll In A Business Technology Degree Course?

In addition to being hardworking, students who wish to enroll in a business technology degree course should also be interested in understanding as well as working within the business world. A love for technological innovation is beneficial as is the ability to work well with others. It is also useful to have a good understanding of mathematics along with a capacity for logical reasoning.

What Are My Career Options With A Business Technology Degree?

A degree in business technology can prepare you for working in any department of any type of business doing tasks related to the management, design and development of information systems. This can be done from within the company or as a member of an external consultancy. You will also be in a good position to participate in aspects that are related to process management, project management and the management of information. There are many other career paths available to you, ranging from business analyst and project manager to information technology manager and entrepreneur. High demand exists for skilled people in governmental, business, industrial and educational organizations.

Can I Earn A Business Technology Degree Online?

Enrolling in an online business technology degree course will allow you to use technology to learn more about technology, so it is a perfect match. Many institutions that provide online courses in business technology use the same faculty members who teach the course on-campus, so the information you receive is the same as other students. Online courses range from ones that are aimed at newcomers to the industry all the way to courses that are tailor made for people who are already working in the IT industry. There are even universities that allow you to complete your business technology degree completely online or as a combination of on-campus and online classes.

Completing your studies online as opposed to on campus will allow you to do so on your own time instead of having to adhere to a class schedule. This type of flexibility is great for fitting studies into your schedule instead of having to base your schedule around your studies.

How Much Can I Expect To Earn With a Business Technology Degree?

Because there are so many career options with a business technology degree your earning potential will depend heavily on the type of job you choose, your experience and the level of responsibility you hold. For example, executive administrative assistants earn a median annual income of $51,613, according to, while database managers earn an average salary of $59,302 per year.

Further Study Options

If your interest in business and technology stretches to the fields of academia or research you can work in these fields by gaining a relevant Ph.D degree. This typically involves the completion of a dissertation as well as working with more advanced topics.

What Are The Benefits of Studying Business Technology

A good understanding of business technology will be to your advantage no matter what career direction you eventually choose. It can provide you with an excellent foundation for many different careers and ensure that you have transferable skills once you graduate. Not only will it boost your critical and creative thinking, but also help immensely with your personal development.

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