Helping Businesses Negotiate and Resolve Conflicts: Business Negotiation Degree

Do you enjoy seeing differences being settled without the need for arguments or disputes? Do you want to assist businesses with reaching agreements that are not hampered by conflict? The only way this can be accomplished is through negotiation and by earning a degree in this field you can potentially become a valuable part of the process. Due to the diversity of the modern global marketplace, it is inevitable that conflict may arise. By learning how to leverage your negotiation skills, you can not only help to improve communication between different parties, but also increase your leadership skills in the process.

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Business Negotiation Degree Information

There are various free courses available online dealing with negotiation skills, but completing a degree that is internationally recognized can help to open more career paths. While it is not impossible to enter the field with only a bachelor’s degree, a graduate degree is usually preferred by most employers.

Bachelor in Negotiation and Resolution

The Bachelor of negotiation and resolution degree takes about four years to complete. During this type of course you are typically taught about negotiation and conflict resolution that are required when conducting business dealings. This can include analysis, interpretation and resolution of disputes along with other topics such as cultural awareness, constructive communication, ethical understanding and more. Core courses can also consist of the fundamentals of public speaking, conflict management, decision making and judgment and the writing process.

Master’s Degree in Negotiation and Resolution

Taking part in a graduate program will allow you to build upon the groundwork that was already established during your bachelor’s degree program. Completing your master’s degree in this field is ideal if you aspire to more advanced positions. The duration of this type of program depends on whether you will be doing it full-time or part-time, but it can typically be completed in one to two years. Your coursework might include advanced negotiation techniques, dynamics of conflict resolution, group processes and facilitation and dispute resolution methods.

Master of Science in International Business Negotiation

Those who want to work as ethical managers in an international context often opt for a Master of Science in Intentional Business Negotiation degree. It is a one year program that is aimed at creating an understanding of all the elements that goes into the negotiation process. It educates participants about their own style of negotiation while also boosting their communication and relational skills. These negotiation skills can then be applied to the business world in roles such as human resources, dispute resolution and sales management.

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Business Negotiation Degree FAQ

Can I Get My Degree In This Field Online?

Courses dealing with business negotiation are available in a completely online format and typically allow you to take the lessons at your own convenience. Since business negotiation requires interpersonal interaction, some online courses might require the participation in an internship or even a capstone course. Some offline courses place a lot of emphasis on case studies and role-playing exercises, which can be tricky to do during an online course.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate To Study Business Negotiation?

Completing a business negotiation course can teach you a lot, but it also helps to be a person who enjoys helping other people. In addition, you must enjoy problem solving and be able to work independently. You should also be able to keep a level head even under pressure and be willing to work long hours if required. Preparation is essential, as it allows you to enter any bargaining meeting while knowing exactly what is required from you and what the best ways are to accomplish these requirements. Active listening is just as vital as well as interpersonal skills and verbal communication. Finally, you have to be patient and not take anything during the negotiation process personally as this might cloud your judgment.

What Business Jobs Are Available That Require Negotiation Skills

Being a good negotiator can be invaluable for just about any job, but there are a few positions in the business world that are especially suited for those who are skilled in this art. For example, sales representatives might have to negotiate prices on behalf of wholesalers or manufacturers when dealing with business or other organizations. On the other hand, human-resources managers typically serve as a link between the management of a business and the employees, so strong negotiation skills can help a lot. Those who work as arbitrators, conciliators and mediators in the business world are also usually tasked with facilitating negotiations between business without the disputing parties having to make use of the court system.

What Are The Duties of A Business Negotiator

Even though the tasks required of you might differ depending on the type of job you are doing, there are a couple of core duties that remain the same. In general, you will be required to use diplomatic techniques, as well as discussion to help different parties come to a mutually agreeable solution. Your skills might also be required to resolve conflicts or bridge differences without allowing a breakdown in communications to escalate things further.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn With A Business Negotiation Degree?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary during 2015 for arbitrators, mediators and conciliators was about $58,020 per year. Of course, there are numerous other related jobs in this sector and your potential income will depend on which direction you choose to specialize.

What Are The Other Advantages of Studying Negotiation

Although a negotiation degree is a valuable skill to have in the business world, there are also other career paths that benefit immensely from it. These fields include law, government, education, as well as healthcare. Many of the jobs in these sectors require people who are able to efficiently handle disputes via reasoned negotiation. People with solid negotiation skills often work as counselors, ombudsmen, mediators, facilitators and arbitrators in these fields. Some people with good negotiation skills also opt to start their own private practice where they work as independent consultants.

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