The Essentials of Commerce: A Business Teacher Education

Business teacher education courses can help you become a high school or college business teacher. Even if you may not be seeking a full time teacher career, a business teacher education can help prepare you to be a part time business teacher for adults.

Most states require business teachers to have work experience in business. For example, if you’re an accountant and want to teach accounting part time at the local community college, you have to know the subject. If you do, being a working accountant and having a bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting may be enough to become an instructor or adjunct faculty as these teachers are sometimes called.

However, you may want to supplement your knowledge by taking online business teacher education classes that can help you learn how to teach. You may decide to take a curriculum development class, learn how to construct a syllabus, or gain more knowledge about accounting software.

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Business Teacher Degree Information

Business teachers in middle and high school give their students the basics of running a business with training in accounting, marketing, business communications and computer literacy. To teach in public schools, states require a bachelor’s degree, completion of a teacher preparation course and passing the state certification or licensure exam. Some states also require that teachers get a master’s degree once they’ve gotten their license. Many colleges and universities have online or partially online degree programs at the bachelor’s and master’s level. To teach business courses in four year colleges, teachers will need a doctorate degree.

Some colleges offer a combined bachelor’s/teacher preparation program. In these programs, students will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Education and will have completed all the necessary education courses for state certification. Once they have passed the states’ exams, they receive their license and can find jobs teaching business courses. Middle schools, high schools, vocational schools and adult education centers all hire business teachers.


All states require a bachelor’s degree for teaching in public schools; private schools require a bachelor’s as well. Most people who know they want to teach business courses first earn their bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing. They then apply to either to a teacher training course without a degree, or apply to a master’s degree program to obtain the teacher education courses they’ll need. Some students take the combined program of a bachelor’s in business and completion of teacher training program, which includes student teaching.

Students working towards their bachelor’s degree in business take a variety of business-related classes, such as marketing, finance, information systems, accounting, foundations of business education and business communication.


Prospective business teachers usually earn a master’s degree in education. Other students might earn a master’s in business administration combined with teacher education courses. Either path will prepare these students to teach business courses in middle and high schools, junior colleges and adult education centers. Master’s level courses might include curriculum development, digital marketing strategies, advanced technical instruction and assessment and literacy and content skill development. Teachers who have earned their master’s degree can usually earn higher salaries.


Business students will take a hefty number of business and technology classes, such as the following:

  • Keyboarding
  • Economics
  • Business/consumer related law
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Personal finance
  • Methods of teaching business education
  • Curriculum development
  • Computer/emerging technology

If the student is enrolled in a combined business and education program, he or she will also take a number of education courses, such as child development, student assessment, psychology of the adolescent, classroom management and education trends. If students are in a teacher preparation course, they will be expected to perform one or two semesters of student teaching.

Career Opportunities

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that job opportunities for career and technical teachers, including business teachers are not expected to change over the next 10 years for high school teachers. That is, employment for these teachers will grow by one percent, or essentially no change from the present. Employment for business teachers at the middle school level will grow by nine percent, or slower than average. Business teachers can increase their chances for employment by being willing to relocate to states with increasing populations such as Georgia or Nevada.

Earning Potential

The BLS reports that the median annual wage of beginning business teachers in high schools is $54,310 a year. Middle school business teachers earned a median annual salary of $51,470. After five years employment, these teachers can expect to earn higher wages. If business teachers earn extra certifications, such as special education or English as a second language, they will increase their chances of higher pay. Teachers who have been teaching business for many years can advance to senior or lead teacher status, with higher earnings.

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Business Teacher FAQ

What types of jobs can I expect with a business teacher degree?

Business teachers at middle and high schools usually work a regular school day, that is, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. or approximately those hours. They will also spend extra time at night and weekends planning lessons, studying business software and grading homework. Usually, business teachers will have two months off in the summer, unless they are teaching summer school. Business teachers who find jobs teaching at adult education centers might be teaching evenings and weekends. Most teachers work full time.

How long does it take to earn a business teacher degree?

A bachelor’s degree will take four years to complete. A master’s in teacher education will take another year or two, depending on the program. Teacher preparation programs take about a year to complete. Students earning their degrees via distance learning programs will finish at individual times.

Where are the highest paying jobs for business teachers?

U.S. News reports that the highest paid high school business teachers work in the school districts of Nassau, New York earning $88,390 a year. Other high paying high school teacher jobs are located in New York City and Kingston, New York, Salem, Massachusetts and Madera, California. The highest paying jobs of most occupations are located on the east and west coast.

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