Ten Degrees For Students Who Love Geek Fandom

Published on: June 23, 2024

Once a term of derision, 'geek' has been reclaimed by a multitude of fans who now wear it as a badge of honor. Communities, particularly those centered around technology, gaming, comics, science fiction, and other specialized interests, proudly identify as geeks. No longer a label for social outcasts, being a geek is now a testament to belonging to a diverse community of shared passions. Thanks to their passion for all things geek-related, many students would love to make a career out of their interests. So, no matter what type of specialized interest you love the most, the following degrees can help you make a living from your love of geek fandom.

Game Design and Development

Computer and video games have gone mainstream but still hold a special place in the hearts of many geeks. While numerous degrees, such as programming, can help with finding employment in the game industry, there are also more specialized degrees. For example, a Bachelor's degree in Game Design exposes students to all the tools of the trade while helping them brush up on their programming and asset creation skills. Game design degrees often cover important topics, such as the principles of game design, while game development degrees focus on the technical aspects. 

Media Studies

Media studies cover many forms of media, and film, television, video games, and social media are often near and dear to the hearts of many geeks. A degree in media studies can help students to analyze and better understand these forms of media. Master's degrees in media studies are also available for students who want to gain experience in creative media making, critical analysis, and more. Media studies degrees typically have interdisciplinary curriculums that cover everything from digital cinema production and media analytics to media history, criticism, and philosophy. 


Writing degrees, such as creative writing, can help students hone their skills in various genres, including science fiction, fantasy, comics, and others popular with the geek fandom. Master's degrees in creative writing are also available for students interested in the advanced study and practice of creative writing. Students who want to focus on studying and analyzing literature can opt for a bachelor's degree in English literature.  

Digital Arts and Animation

Degrees in digital arts can teach students the basics of animation, visual effects, and digital media production. In contrast, an animation degree can help them prepare for careers in creating animated content for film, television, and video games. Master's degrees in animation and visual effects are also available, and they cover advanced animation techniques and visual storytelling. 

Film and Television

Students who want to create original content can opt for a bachelor's degree in film studies, which can help prepare them to analyze film history, theory, and criticism. Those interested in the production side of television, such as directing, editing, and producing, may benefit from a bachelor's degree in television production. Master's degrees in film and television are also available for students seeking to explore advanced film and television production and analysis topics. 

Cultural Studies

Cultural studies is an interdisciplinary degree that helps students to examine various aspects of culture, which includes poular culture and media. Students can typically also choose from a range of elective modules, including screen studies, performance studies, identity and culture, and media studies. Cultural studies degrees help students hone their critical thinking, writing, and interpersonal skills.

Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Students who love fan art, comics, and digital media can benefit from a degree in graphic design, which can help them improve their skills in these forms of media. For a more advanced study of graphic design and visual storytelling techniques, students can also complete a degree in visual communication. These degrees cover everything from graphic design and film to web design and photography to help students amplify their creativity and work in the modern visual media landscape.

Library and Information Science

Many people who are part of the geek fandom have a passion for preserving its history and culture. Library and information science degrees can help prepare these students to work in any knowledge-intensive industry. These degrees are useful for various industries, including media, entertainment, gaming, publishing, and technology. 

Interactive Media

Students who love social media, apps, virtual and augmented reality, and games will enjoy an interactive media degree. This degree teaches students how to harness the latest digital technologies using text, images, video, sound, graphics, and interactivity. In addition to a bachelor's degree in interactive media, students can also continue their studies with a master's degree to gain more advanced skills in interactive design, user experience, and new media technologies. 

Sequential Art

Comic books, graphic novels, comic strips, video games, and films are all part of geek fandom. A degree in sequential art can help students study all the traditional techniques used in these formats, along with advanced technology and specialized digital applications. This degree can prepare students for any career that involves visual storytelling, and they can also choose from electives in illustration, animation, painting, and more. 


It is not uncommon for people who are part of the geek fandom to choose degrees in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These can all lead to fulfilling careers where they can combine their passion for all things geek with rewarding jobs. However, the degrees listed above show that there are many more options available out there for students who love geek fandom but might not be drawn to STEM fields. Many degrees also enable students to focus on the things that they are most passionate about, such as a degree in literature with a focus on science fiction and fantasy or a management degree aimed at esports managers. Even performing arts degrees can intersect with geek fandom through hobbies such as cosplaying. All of this means that people no longer need to hide their inner geek and can embrace it while still enjoying rewarding careers.

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