The Top Ten Degrees For People Who Want To Work Abroad

Published on: March 18, 2024

While remote work has made it possible to work for international companies from the comfort of your own home, there is still something to be said about working abroad. For some people, the biggest draw is the opportunity to broaden their perspective and experience different cultures. For clothes, it is about the sense of adventure and exploration that comes with working in a different country. Working abroad offers plenty of personal and professional benefits regardless of your reasons. If you would love to work overseas but are unsure what degrees can provide you with the best qualifications, check out the options below.   

Peace and Conflict Studies

A Peace and Conflict Studies degree is suitable for students who want to work abroad in careers that can help bring sustainable peace to conflict-affected people or areas. Students are equipped with the skills needed to solve problems in a variety of settings and to help build supportive communities. Graduating with this degree can lead to career paths such as educator, trainer, dialogue facilitator, diplomat, mediator, negotiator, and conciliator. This makes it a great choice for students who are passionate about making a positive impact on vulnerable communities.   

Environmental Science and Sustainability

Environmental issues affect countries worldwide, which makes an Environmental Science and Sustainability degree a good option. Students are taught how to solve complex environmental problems and ways to advance sustainability. This degree offers students the option to specialize in areas such as ecosystem science and restoration, environmental policy and planning, climate science and environmental change, and much more. Thanks to the versatility of this degree, students can end up working abroad in various sectors related to conservation, sustainable development, and environmental development. 

Global Health

Degrees in the medical field are valuable worldwide, but a Global Health degree, in particular, can be a good option for students who want to work abroad. This degree has an international focus and teaches students how to become health professionals who can protect the well-being of people worldwide. A Global Health degree also integrates many diverse fields, with topics ranging from cultural anthropology to economic development, sociology, and more. After completing this degree students can work abroad for international organizations, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, as well as multilateral institutions.   

International Law

An International Law degree is very beneficial in today’s globalized world. Students can choose whether to specialize in international commercial law or international human rights law, depending on their preferences. It can prepare students for careers in diplomacy, international trade, human rights advocacy, environmental law, refugee law, and more. After completing an international law degree, students may end up assisting with the facilitation of cross-border transactions, advising on global legal issues, or contributing to global governance. 

International Development

An international development degree can benefit students who desire to work abroad to improve the lives of the world’s poor and disenfranchised. This degree can prepare students to make meaningful contributions to the socio-economic, political, and environmental development issues faced in the world. Students who complete an International Development degree are equipped to work abroad on projects involving sustainable development, poverty reduction, and social justice. Professionals in this field can also play important roles in policy analysis and advocacy. 

Hospitality and Tourism Management

A popular choice among students who want to work abroad is a Hospitality and Tourism Management degree. This business-oriented degree program aims to help students become experts in hotel and restaurant management, as well as meetings and events. Hospitality and tourism is a global industry with opportunities in various countries worldwide. It is also a great degree for students who want to gain some experience abroad, as some degrees offer study abroad programs or international exchanges as part of the package. 

International Relations

International relations is a degree program that can benefit students interested in world politics. This program focuses on issues ranging from international security and trade and finance to political and economic development, climate change, global health, and more. It educates students on various global challenges, and students can typically choose a primary and secondary specialization for this degree. 

Foreign Languages

One of the obstacles many students face when trying to work abroad is communicating in a foreign language. A Foreign Language degree provides students with an intensive study of the foreign language and the literature and culture of the chosen area or country. This degree is excellent for people who want to communicate better when working abroad, but it can also be combined with a minor in Foreign Language Education to obtain teacher licensure. Foreign Language degrees are available in French, German, Russian, Spanish, and other languages. 

Global Business Administration

Business is conducted across the world, and a Global Business Administration degree can provide students with a solid theoretical background in domestic and global business practices. Students are taught core business competencies within a global context, along with valuable skills in ethical business practices, team dynamics, and communication. This degree can prepare students for executive management positions in any organization. 

Global Marketing Management

Many companies compete internationally, not just locally, which makes a Global Marketing Management degree useful for students interested in this sector. Students are equipped with the marketing and research expertise needed to help brands reach their target audience on the global market. This degree allows students to better understand international business, economics, market research, and culture. Students who complete this degree successfully can go on to work as an international marketing manager, international market research manager, international market research analyst, brand manager, consultant, global brand specialist, and much more. 


Working abroad can be very fulfilling, but it is also not without its challenges. In addition to cultural differences and language barriers, there are often also many legal and administrative hurdles that need to be crossed. However, if you have the determination to succeed, it is possible to overcome all these barriers and thrive in your career working abroad.

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