The Best Degrees For People With A Passion For Social Media

Published on: December 27, 2023

Social media has grown in leaps and bounds and these days act as a hub for people to share ideas and information with one another. According to Datareportal, close to 60% of the world's population uses social media, and this number continues to increase ( As internet connection speeds increase and more users gain access to the internet, the number of people on social media will also keep going up. Social media is a great way for people to connect with each other but also for brands to interact with their followers. Whether you want to work for an established brand or create your own, social media platforms offer a great way to expand your reach. Below are some of the best degrees to earn if you have a passion for social media and want to incorporate it into your career.

What Are the Biggest Social Media Platforms?

According to Statista, Facebook continues to be the most popular social network worldwide, with more than three billion monthly active users ( It is followed by YouTube at two billion monthly active users, although platforms such as Instagram and TikTok are also continuing to grow their user bases.     

What Skills Are Beneficial For Working In Social Media

There are various career paths in social media, but the following skills can help you stand out from the crowd and excel in your job.

Computer Literacy - Many people access social media sites from their phones, but to work in the industry, it is important to be computer literate. This will enable you to use the various tools associated with social media platforms more efficiently. 

Communication Skills - Social media jobs require good reading and writing skills as you will be communicating with your co-workers and audience on a daily basis. 

Creativity - Creating content that stands out from the competition on social media requires strong creative skills.

Analytical Skills - Implementing effective strategies on social media requires analytical skills as you need to make decisions based on metrics and other information. 

What Are The Best Social Media Related Degrees?

Bachelor of Arts in Social Media

The Bachelor of Arts in Social Media is an all-round degree for students interested in careers involving social media. It features courses such as Design Thinking, Photography and Video For Social Media, Advertising Copywriting, Social Media Communities, and Social Media Campaigns. Students learn copywriting for short and long digital formats as well as how to drive engagement, use industry-standard data reporting tools, and more. Completing this degree can lead to careers in social media management, digital marketing, advertising, and journalism, to name just a few.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing - Social Media Marketing

The Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a concentration in Social Media Marketing degree is aimed at students with ambitions to promote brand awareness on social media. Making a brand or product stand out in the crowded online space is challenging, and this degree teaches students everything they need to know about digital advertising. It features courses such as Digital Advertising, Writing for New Media, Social Media Campaigns, and Social Media Marketing Strategy. 

Master of Arts in Mass Communication - Social Media

Students interested in social media management or social media community management can benefit from the Master of Arts in Communication degree with a concentration on social media. It is a 36-credit hour program that features 12 credits of core social media courses along with nine credits of core mass communication credits. The social media core consists of courses such as Introduction to Social Media, Special Media Metrics and Evaluation, and Branding Using Social and Mobile Media. Students can then select an option such as Social Media and Emerging Technology, Social Media Community Management, or Social Media Management. It is also possible to complete the courses as a graduate certificate instead of a master’s.  

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Digital and Social Media Management

All businesses can benefit from social networking and internet marketing, which is why a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a concentration in Digital and Social Media Management can be invaluable to students. This degree teaches students how to manage marketing activities in multiple online settings and how to effectively utilize social media to promote and sell goods and services. Students are also taught how they can analyze markets and enhance the image of their employer using online tools. In addition, students are educated on the cyber security and ethical issues that are specific to social network marketing.

Bachelor of Arts in Social Media Strategies

With a Bachelor of Arts in Social Media Strategies degree, students are taught how to strategically create, manage, and curate social media content. This enables them to use social media as an effective, professional communication tool. Students are also equipped with the knowledge to plan and execute social media campaigns, create digital content, and evaluate the effectiveness of social media strategies. In addition, students will develop the knowledge and skills to implement social media policies. Along with essential communication skills, this degree also provides students with well-rounded skills in multimedia, which includes video production and graphic design. It is ideal for students who aspire to become online community managers, social media managers, social media and branding specialists, and more.   


While you don’t need a degree to make a living from social media, it can make it a lot easier to accomplish your goals. In this day and age, everyone is already familiar with social media, but earning a degree in this field can be great for staying ahead of the curve. Students will also be able to put their new skills and knowledge to use right away and can even use social media to earn extra income while studying.

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