Ten Degrees For People Who Want to See More of The World

Published on: September 13, 2023

Since many jobs can now be done online it has cut back considerably on the need for people to relocate if they want to advance in their careers. However, for many, it is the appeal of seeing the rest of the world in person that motivates their studies. The most obvious career for people who want to make a living while visiting foreign countries is the travel industry, but there are also other options available. Here are a few useful degrees that can help people who want to indulge in their wanderlust and see more of the world. 

International Development Degree

An International Development degree is a good option for students who want to make a career out of working abroad in developing countries. It can open the door to careers in international aid or as a development worker. However, these types of careers require people who are able to work well under pressure and who are able to thrive in challenging situations. This type of degree is ideally suited for people who care about helping people in developing countries. 

English Degree

Students with a love for languages can use their English degree to gain employment teaching English as a foreign language. Doing so offers a great opportunity to travel the world and become immersed in many different cultures. Numerous countries offer opportunities to teach English as a foreign language to either children or adults. Students who can speak more than one language can also use their skills to become translators in other countries. 

Environmental Geoscience Degree

Some degree programs, such as Environmental Geoscience, enable students to perform fieldwork and travel to other countries as part of the learning process. Doing so provides them with firsthand experience and prepares them for tasks such as preparing technical reports or working with geologic maps. 

International Relations Degree

An International Relations degree is versatile enough to be useful for a variety of career paths, including ones abroad. A popular choice for those who want to live or work in a different country is that of a diplomatic agent. This job involves assisting citizens from your native country who are traveling abroad or developing positive relations with other countries. 

Journalism Degree

Students with a passion for uncovering the truth and offering unbiased reporting can opt for a degree in journalism. While not all journalists get to travel the world there are opportunities for travel journalists, sports journalists, or those covering foreign affairs to see other parts of the world. 

Anthropology Degree

Students who want to see other parts of the world and work with diverse groups of people can select an anthropology degree. While not all anthropologists work abroad, those who do have unique opportunities to perform research on the culture and behaviors of communities. There are various specializations within the field of anthropology too and many students choose something such as sociocultural or linguistic anthropology which involves traveling to remote places. 

Marine Science Degree

A degree in Marine Science is perfect for students with a love for the ocean. While this career path does not always lead to opportunities abroad, it often involves a lot of travel on boats for tasks such as collecting data or specimens. This is more common when employed by government agencies or research laboratories. 

Archaeology Degree

While working as an archeologist is not quite as glamorous as portrayed in the movies it still provides opportunities to travel the world as part of research groups. Not all work done by archaeologists is in the field as they also spend a lot of time in the laboratory. However, with enough experience and qualifications archeologist can sometimes end up loading their own research expeditions to exotic locations.

Aviation Degree

An aviation degree coupled with flight experience can lead to a pilot’s license, which opens up a whole new world of travel options. While commercial pilots typically have less freedom over their traveling options it is also possible to become a private pilot and choose where you want to work.

Medical Degree

There is a need for doctors and nurses around the world, so a medical degree can be useful for traveling to and working in different countries. One of the most common career paths for medical professionals who love to travel is to perform humanitarian work, which can take them to far-flung locations. There are also a variety of areas in which to specialize, which can provide students with the relevant skills needed to be in demand in many countries. 

Other Degrees

From graphic design and programming to marketing there are several degrees available that can help students to become freelancers in their chosen field. Doing so can enable them to travel the world while working remotely. This is ideal for students who don’t want to be tied down to a specific location and earn enough money to fund their travels.


Traveling the world can be exciting and rewarding, but it is not something that will appeal to everyone. If your work requires you to constantly relocate it can be difficult to keep in touch with family and friends. Not all destinations will be equally great either, so you will have to be able to accept the good with the bad. In addition, frequent travel or working in other countries can come with certain health risks too. Nevertheless, if you are undaunted by these challenges and ready to broaden your horizons then the degrees mentioned above can help you make your dreams come true.

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