The Best Degree Options For People Interested in Animation

Published on: June 18, 2023

From the earliest days of hand-drawn animation to the present era of computer-rendered scenes, animators have consistently thrilled and entertained audiences by breathing life into the impossible on their screens. Animation has empowered creative individuals to transform their drawings into vibrant realities, forging entirely new worlds and reshaping perceptions of the real world. Through technological advancements, the animation industry has fostered an environment where limitless imagination is the only boundary. If you possess a fervor for artistry and creativity, and aspire to be part of an industry that has captivated millions, pursuing a study in animation could prove to be an excellent educational pathway. If you have a passion for art and creativity and want to be a part of an industry that has captivated millions then studying animation could be a great educational choice.

Why Study Animation?

If you are passionate about art and enjoy drawing then you probably already have the basic skills needed for doing animation. However, completing a degree can help you to hone these skills, which is essential as the industry can be very competitive. In addition, completing an animation degree is also useful for learning the technical side of the industry and familiarizing yourself with the tools of the trade and industry-standard software. At the same time, you can work on building your portfolio to showcase your talents.

While raw talent can get you far some aspects of the industry will be difficult to navigate without a proper education and relevant degree. Finally, along with career-specific skills such as handmade and digital animation, drawing and illustration, and kinetic technology, animation courses also teach transferable skills such as time management, project management, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Is It Possible To Study Animation Online?

Since most animation are done digitally these days it is easy and convenient to study the subject online. Students who study animation online typically get to use the same software applications and tools that are commonly used in the industry to get hands-on experience. The course content can be delivered digitally via video and text or as live lectures where students can interact with each other. As with traditional courses, students will also be expected to complete assignments and projects.

Bachelor of Science in Animation and 3D

A Bachelor of Science in Animation and 3D degree can be completed online and covers all the critical skillsets needed for this industry. These include digital 2D animations, 3D sculpting, as well as 3D animation. With this type of degree, students are also taught important principles of design, composting, and sound, which go hand in hand with animation. In addition, students are familiarized with industry-standard software and can build up their professional portfolio while studying. Course topics tend to include 2D Animation, 3D Animation, 3D Modeling Techniques, Character Rigging, Vector Drawing, Concept Development, and more.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art and Animation

Completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art and Animation degree provides students with extensive production experience in both 2D and 3D animation. Students can also typically choose to focus on specific areas of the industry based on their interests and abilities. In addition to honing their drawing skills, this type of degree also helps to enhance their storytelling abilities and familiarize them with modern studio processes. Course topics cover Animation Basics, Storytelling, Character Design, Storyboards, Art and Technology, Life Drawing, and more.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Art and Animation

Students who specifically want to work in the game industry can complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Art and Animation degree to require the necessary skills. This degree can prepare students for game art and asset creation, which are vital in the game industry. Course topics may include Observational Drawing, Color and Composition, Narrative Basics, Animation, Experimental Game Design, and more. Students are also taught how to work collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams, which is common in the games industry.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in 3D Animation and Visual Effects

A Bachelor of Fine Arts in 3D Animation and Visual Effects degree is aimed at students who want to learn how to harness the power of computer graphics and visual effects for their animations. These can range from the animation seen in animated films from the likes of Disney and Pixar to the photo-real visual effects used by companies such as Industrial Light and Magic. Cours topics may include Design in Motion, Computer-Generated Imagery, VFX and Compositing, Production Resources, Computer Animation, and more.

What Types of Careers Are Available After Studying Animation?

Earning an animation degree can prepare you for various jobs in both a professional and freelance capacity. Many students who complete this type of degree find employment as animators, special effects artists, graphics designers, illustrators, art directors, or motion graphic designers. Some also go on to work as game designers or character and background designers. Industries that most commonly employ people with animation and related degrees include film, television, and the gaming industry.


Animation has come a long way since the days when they were just seen as a way to entertain children. These days everything from motion pictures and television shows to commercials features animation and 3D in some way. In addition, the app and gaming industry depends on the work of animators and 3D artists to draw players in. It’s not just the entertainment industry that has a need for animators either. Animation can also be used in fields such as medical procedures, architectural designs, scientific simulations, and many others.

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