Best Degrees For Students Interested in Tourism And Hospitality

Published on: June 09, 2023

While the tourism and hospitality industry is often associated with travel and exotic destinations, it encompasses much more than that. Beyond being a rewarding career path for travel enthusiasts, this industry offers a diverse range of job opportunities that require various skills. This implies that individuals can find positions within the industry that align with their specific interests, as long as they possess the requisite skills. If you're uncertain about your suitability for this industry or which study options would be best for you, here are some tips to help you get started.

What Are The Pros of A Career in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry?

You will learn about different cultures

Professionals in the tourism and hospitality industry are presented with unique opportunities to learn about diverse cultures. Through their interactions with travelers and tourists from around the globe, they gain firsthand exposure to different customs, traditions, and perspectives. This constant engagement can significantly broaden their knowledge and deepen their cultural understanding. By embracing this multicultural environment, individuals in the industry have the chance to develop a global mindset and enhance their ability to communicate and connect with people from various backgrounds.

You will sharpen your communication and customer service skills

Communication skills are useful for any industry and everyday life. Working in the tourism and hospitality industry offers a great opportunity to develop these skills in a professional capacity and also grow as an individual.

You Can Work Locally or Internationally

Not only does the tourism and hospitality industry have a myriad of jobs available, but these can be done locally or internationally. This is ideal for people who want to explore the world while making a living. However, those who want to stay close to home can also do so by focusing on local tourism.

You Can Make A Real Impact

Working in the tourism and hospitality industry can also provide you with an opportunity to make a real impact if that is where your passion lies. Some people choose to focus on the sustainability side of the industry in an effort to help protect the environment while others channel their energy into tackling social or economic issues.

You Will Never Be Bored

Many of the jobs in the tourism and hospitality industry require you to think on your feet and tackle new challenges every day. This can be exciting for people who enjoy solving problems or want their jobs to be unpredictable instead of being stuck in the same daily routine.

Who Should Study For A Career in The Tourism and Hospitality Industry?

Although determination can enable anyone to work in the tourism and hospitality industry, certain individuals may be better suited for it than others. Ideally, strong communication skills and a genuine enjoyment of interacting with others are valuable attributes. Given the collaborative nature of the industry, teamwork is crucial as you will engage with colleagues on a daily basis. As most roles in this field involve managing multiple responsibilities simultaneously, possessing stress management and time management skills provide a significant advantage. Additionally, having proficient problem-solving skills is always beneficial, given the diverse challenges that can arise in the industry.

What Are The Best Degrees For The Tourism and Hospitality Industry?

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality

A Bachelor of Science in Hospitality degree is aimed at people who want to gain a deep understanding of all aspects of the industry. These include finance, operations, customer service theory, human resources, communications, and marketing. Some courses also allow students to focus on specific niche areas of the industry depending on their interests.

Bachelor of Science in Lodging & Restaurant Management

Restaurants serve as the backbone of the hospitality industry, and obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Lodging and Restaurant Management degree can equip students with the necessary skills for leadership positions. This degree program encompasses a wide range of subjects, including food sales and marketing, distribution, vending enterprises, restaurant operations, and more. As a result, it serves as an ideal choice for individuals seeking to merge their passion for food with a keen interest in the business aspects of the industry. By pursuing this degree, students can develop a strong foundation to excel in restaurant management and related fields.

Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management

A Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management degree is aimed at students who want to stay at the forefront of the hospitality, tourism, and event industry. Completing this degree can prepare them to become leaders in strategic marketing, and financial analysis as well as solving critical issues in the industry. This type of degree can be completed online and is typically available in thesis and nonthesis tracks.

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

An online Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management degree can prepare students for various jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry. These include event management, food and beverage services, lodging, private clubs, theme parks, resorts and tourism management, and more.

Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management

A Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management degree is highly sought after by students who aspire to professionally manage or own businesses within the tourism and hospitality industry. This comprehensive degree program acquaints students with various facets, ranging from marketing and human resources to law, ethics, revenue management, leadership, and strategic planning. By pursuing this degree, students gain a well-rounded understanding of the essential skills and knowledge required to succeed in this dynamic field.


The tourism and hospitality industry is not only vast but also incredibly fascinating. Studying in this field can place you at the heart of a vibrant and dynamic environment. While it may present challenges, each day brings a unique set of experiences, making it highly attractive to individuals seeking to avoid monotonous and routine jobs. This industry revolves around crafting unforgettable moments for people, which can be incredibly fulfilling. Moreover, due to its nature as a service-oriented sector, the skills you acquire while studying and working within it are transferable to numerous other industries.

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