Five Degrees For Students With A Passion For History

Published on: June 04, 2023

In the wise words of George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” While many people would prefer to forget about the past and focus on the future, those with a passion for history know how important it is to learn from bygone times. Studying history can reveal patterns that can help us to better understand the present and better prepare for the future. History also offers crucial insights into the lives and struggles of others, which can help build empathy. Here are just a few degrees that can benefit students with a love for history and allow them to turn their passion into a career.

What Are The Benefits Of A History Degree?

Studying history is not just all about learning about events from the past. In addition to gaining a better understanding of the world and societies, it can also help provide people with a sense of identity. In addition, history students are able to get a better understanding of present days issues by examining the process of change over time. Finally, studying history is a great way to hone important skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and cultural awareness.

Bachelor of Arts in History

A Bachelor of Arts in History is one of the most common degrees for students who are passionate about the past. This type of degree can also prepare students for various career paths. Typically a history degree provides students with the knowledge to understand how narratives about past events were formed. Students are also taught how to use research and analysis to draw their own conclusions. In addition, most history degree programs allow students to select their own concentration courses that range from American and European History to Middle Eastern History and Military History. A history degree is useful on its own, but can also be combined with completing a teacher preparation program and getting a license to become a history teacher. For people who are passionate about history teaching the subject to others can be a very rewarding career path.

Bachelor of Arts in Art - Museum Studies

Students with a passion for history and an interest in becoming a curator, archivist, or educator can benefit from a Bachelor of Arts in Art degree with a concentration in museum studies. In addition to the art history and museum studies courses that form part of the degree, students can also explore different electives that catch their interest. This type of degree can be completed online and may include courses such as Introduction to Global Museum Studies, Introduction to Global Heritage Studies, Museum and Heritage Histories, Theories and Debates, and Introductions to Museums and Social Justice. Electives may range from Critical Race Theory and Curatorial Activism to Curating the Contemporary and Decolonizing Museums. 

Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television

Another way to share your passion for history with the world is through the making of documentaries that can highlight historical people or places. A Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television degree can prepare students on how to create thought-provoking films using professional equipment. Students also learn how to lead teams in a creative setting and everything about the filmmaking process. There are degree programs available with a specific focus on documentary making, and courses may include Documentary Cinematography, Documentary Sound, Documentary Production, and Documentary Storytelling. 

Bachelor in Family History

For students with an interest in tracing the ancestors and descendants of people a Bachelor's degree in family history can be beneficial. This degree is a hybrid of a liberal arts degree in history as well as a technical degree in genealogy. Completing this degree provides students with the skills of a historian and a genealogist. The degree is versatile enough to prepare students for professions in historical, genealogical, archival, library, and research fields. 

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

An online Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology degree is aimed at students who are interested in the history of humans and why they act the way that they do. It is a degree that bridges the sciences and humanities and gives students the skills to explore the similarities and differences in society through a variety of different lenses. The degree examines how society has changed through history and into the present day while preparing students for careers such as cultural resource manager, anthropologist, researcher, and more.


In addition to the degrees mentioned above, there are plenty of other unique and interesting career paths for students with a passion for history. These range from becoming a lawyer, where research and investigation skills are vital to a political researcher who can benefit from a deep knowledge of human history. In addition, if your passion lies with historical resources then a career as an archivist can be very rewarding, or even an archaeologist if you prefer working in the field.

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