What Online Degrees Will Give You The Most In-Demand Skills?

Published on: May 18, 2023

The job market can be uncertain, but with the right skills, it is possible to find security and stability in your career. The best way to accomplish this is to equip yourself with the type of skills that companies most need. Earlier in the year, LinkedIn released a list of the most in-demand skills for 2023, which provides an insider look at what skills employers prioritize (https://www.linkedin.com/business/learning/blog/top-skills-and-courses/most-in-demand-skills). These skills, along with some of the most in-demand hard skills, are all great choices for students who want to enter the job market confidently. All of these skills can be obtained through online degree programs such as the ones mentioned below. In addition, many essential skills, such as teamwork, communication, and research, form a vital part of all online degree programs.

Online Degrees For The Most In-Demand Skills

Management & Leadership

No matter the size of a company, there is always a need for them to have effective leaders who are able to manage people and projects efficiently. An online bachelor of arts in management can equip students with these vital skills. Many online management degrees also enable students to choose their areas of specialization, such as general management, human resource management, and people analytics. Management degrees can prepare students for leadership roles in either goods-producing or service enterprises. Course topics may include influence and negotiation, cross-cultural management, employee recruitment and selection, and compensation management. In addition, many online programs in management allow students to add a minor to their degree for even greater versatility.


Good communication skills are essential for both personal and professional growth. An online Bachelor of Science in Communication degree can provide students with this necessary and in-demand skill. This type of degree focuses on preparing students to write, share and present ideas and messages in an impactful manner. A communication degree not only teaches students how to convey information efficiently but can also help to enhance their active listening skills. Course topics may include fundamentals of public speaking, dynamics of group communication, communication theory, and digital storytelling. 

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing skills are essential for most businesses, and students can prepare themselves for careers in this field with an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree. It is one of the most versatile degree options, as students can learn about all facets of business and not just sales and marketing. Some degree options also offer a focus on sales-specific concentrations. Another popular option is an online Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree. These degrees cover marketing practices and principles with courses that often include Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Business-to-Business Marketing Strategy, and more. 

Project Management

Project management is a sought-after skill by many employers in need of skilled employees who can manage the scope, time, costs, and required resources for projects. Students who want the know-how to deliver successful results on track, on time, and within budget can benefit from an online Bachelor of Science in Project Management degree. This type of degree focuses on contracts, risk, project planning, scheduling, control, and other important project management aspects. 


Companies that are in the business of developing new products or services have a need for employees with excellent research skills. It is also a valuable skill for any company that wants to identify the needs of its customers and the most efficient methods to meet them. Students can enhance their research skills with various online degrees, but those who want to make it their primary area of study can benefit from an online Master of Arts in Research Methods degree. This degree focuses on research methods, techniques, practices, and other vital aspects such as quantitative data analysis and educational measurement. A research degree can also help students to hone their analytical skills, which is one of the skills prioritized by employers.

Customer Service

Customer service forms the backbone of many businesses, which makes it a valuable skill for employees to have. Typically customer service can be studied as part of a different degree or e on its own such as the online Bachelor of Applied Science in Customer Service Leadership. This degree can also lead to a Bachelor of Applied Hum and Consumer Sciences degree. A customer service degree is beneficial for any career where interaction with clients is required and also prepares students for jobs with online customer service support. Common course topics include principles of Customer Service, Career development for Service Professionals, Leadership in Customer Service, and Consumer Marketing. 

Online Degrees For The Most In-Demand Hard Skills

Unsurprisingly, some of the most in-demand hard skills that employers look for are in the field of information technology. Fortunately, online degree options are available for all these, including software development, cloud computing, customer relationship management, data analysis, and more. Students also have plenty of online programs to choose from for learning some of the most in-demand programming languages, such as Python, Java, SQL, and JavaScript. 


While it is vital to embark on a career path that will bring you personal fulfillment, knowing what skills will provide you with the greatest chance of success is also beneficial. The courses mentioned above are a great starting point for students to figure out what they need to study that can improve their existing skills and teach them new ones.

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