Is It Worth Pursuing A Dual Degree Program Online?

Published on: May 04, 2023

Studying online for a degree has a lot of benefits, but for many, the ability to complete the program quicker is the biggest draw. The sooner you earn your degree, the faster you can get your career on track or even switch careers. However, because the job market is so competitive, a bachelor’s degree is practically the minimal level of education needed for some entry-level positions. This trend has seen a lot of students continuing on to graduate programs immediately after completing college or people in the workforce returning to their studies after years of employment. An alternative option that is also gaining popularity is completing a dual degree program online. These programs can save time and money while helping students get the educational requirements needed for their dream jobs.

What Exactly Is A Dual Degree?

A dual degree should not be confused with a double major, as it is entirely different. Whereas a double major involves studying two subjects to gain a single qualification, a dual degree is a way to receive two separate degrees. While both options are helpful and can expand your career opportunities, picking the one that best suits your needs is important. Dual degree programs are typically available at both undergraduate and graduate levels, while double majors are more common in bachelor’s programs. Another distinction is that dual degrees can be in completely unrelated fields, while double majors tend to be related. 

What Are The Advantages of a Dual Degree?

It Can Save You Time: Completing a dual degree can generally be done much quicker than completing two separate degrees in succession. This can mean getting a head-start on your career and joining the workforce earlier.

It Can Boost Your Networking Opportunities: Earning a degree, even when studying online, is an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with other people who have similar career trajectories. Completing a dual degree provides you with even more options to expand your networking opportunities in the process. 

It Can Give You A Competitive Advantage: Students, especially those who want to pursue careers in interdisciplinary fields, can get a competitive advantage by completing a dual degree. In addition to being better prepared and more knowledgeable than other applicants with a standard degree, a dual degree can let prospective employers know you are motivated and hardworking.

It Can Expand Your Career Horizons: Students who complete a dual degree typically know precisely what career path they want to follow. However, even those who don’t will find that they are able to expand their search for a job to more than just one industry. In addition, a dual degree also makes it easier for students to pivot their careers in the future compared to those with just a single degree. This can save time and money down the line if a change in career paths is desired. 

Are There Any Disadvantages To A Dual Degree?

It Is More Expensive Than A Single Degree: While a dual degree can save you time and money in the long run, it can be more expensive in the short term. This is because it will require more coursework to complete. 

It Is Very Challenging To Complete: Earning a single degree is an accomplishment, and a dual degree even more so. However, completing a dual degree program requires a lot of self-discipline and hard work. In addition, while the coursework might not be more demanding than doing two separate degrees, the courseload might be much more extensive, leaving little time for other things.

What Are The Most Popular Dual Degree Programs?

Business Administration: There are numerous types of businesses across many fields, which makes an MBA a popular degree to combine with something else, such as engineering, language, or global studies. 

Nursing: Nursing is another field due to the number of different specializations that it encompasses. For example, an MSN degree can be combined with a Master of Public Administration if leadership roles are desired or with an MBA for more entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Public Administration: Public administration degrees are helpful in both government and non-profit sectors and are commonly combined with criminal justice or environmental science degrees for maximum efficiency. 

What Are The Considerations When Choosing A Dual Degree Program?

Course Overlap: Completing two degree programs can be daunting, but depending on the type of degree, there might be some overlap between the courses. If this is the case, check if it is possible to save some time by having the having course credits count toward both programs. 

Available Formats: Not all dual degree programs are available entirely online. Make sure that the desired degrees are available in your chosen format.

Additional Requirements: Pay attention to any additional requirements for completing your chosen degrees. For example, some might require you to complete a thesis as part of the degree plan, while others may have an internship component. Make sure that you will be able to fulfill these requirements. 


Earning a dual degree is hard work, so ensure that you have a goal in mind before enrolling in a program. If it is for professional reasons, make sure you know the ideal educational path for those working in that field. A dual degree can provide you with the flexibility to either focus on a career that makes equal use of both degrees or diversify your studies so you can become an entrepreneur or freelancer who is able to tackle different challenges.

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