Five Online Degree Options For Working In Film And Television

Published on: April 27, 2023

Life can be stressful, so films and television offer an excellent way for people to relax, unwind and forget about their troubles for a while. Thanks to technological advances and visual effects, television shows and movies have never looked better or been more immersive. However, it is more than just the talented people in front of the cameras responsible for entertaining people. There is also a wealth of behind-the-scenes jobs that are just as vital for the success of these films and shows. For anyone interested in the movie business but not necessarily in an acting capacity, check out the following online degree options that can be useful.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Motion Pictures and Television

Completing an online Bachelor of Fine Arts in Motion Pictures and Television degree provides students with the necessary skills needed for the creative process and business skills of entertainment. In addition, students can specialize in key filmmaking areas such as directing, producing, editing, screenwriting, production design, or cinematography. The curriculum may include Cinematic Storytelling, The Art of Editing, Production Design Foundations, Experimental Filmmaking, and more.

Bachelor of Science in Digital Filmmaking

Students interested in creating professional content for broadcast television, online media, indie films, and more will benefit from an online Bachelor of Science in Digital Filmmaking degree. It can prepare students to work in some of the industry’s most sought-after positions, such as producer, director, or editor. This degree blends traditional film foundations with cutting-edge production and postproduction techniques along with complementary career skills. This degree program may generally include courses such as Foundations of Writing, Location Scouting, Acting For Filmmakers, Producing, and Visual Effects.

Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies

An online Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies degree is aimed at students who want to learn how these forms of entertainment have shaped our understanding of social and cultural life. Completing this degree will make these students critical consumers as well as rigorous scholars of media. In addition to careers in film, television, media analysis, and writing, this degree is also helpful for specialists in media policy, strategy, research, social media, branding, and marketing. Courses may include Film and Media History, Television Studies, Emerging Digital Media, Screenwriting Fundamentals, Media Genres, and Film Theory and Criticism.

Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting

Behind every successful movie or television series are screenwriters who are writing the content for these visual mediums. An online Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting can help prepare students to write scripts for films, television shows, and other media productions. This degree allows students to conceptualize all phases of a screenwriting project and sharpen their skills in remedying script problems. In addition to becoming a feature film screenwriter or television writer, this degree is also helpful for anyone who wants to become a trade writer, film critic, executive producer, editor, or script doctor. Core courses may include Film Theory, Writing the Short Film, Elements of Visual Storytelling, Feature Film Scriptwriting, and Screenwriting As Vocation.

Bachelor of Science in Digital Cinematography

The online Bachelor of Science in Digital Cinematography degree is an excellent option for students who want to play a role in the look and visual style of films or television shows. Course topics may include Creative Presentation, New Media Tools, Fundamentals of Production, Scriptwriting Techniques, Composition and Visual Design, Location Lighting, and much more. This degree teaches students how to use the latest technological tools and also provides them with a strong foundation in storytelling. This allows them to create dynamic content and familiarize them with the equipment used by professionals.

Other Considerations

While studying any of the courses above online, students will need the usual equipment, such as a computer or laptop with a reliable internet connection. However, some degree programs might have additional hardware requirements. For example, students might need a camera with a microphone and windscreen for recording film projects or a subscription to applications such as Premiere, After Effects, and Audition for editing. Before enrolling in an online degree program, make sure what the additional requirements are and if these are included with the tuition fees or must be purchased separately. Some degree programs may provide students with everything that is needed, while others can offer student discounts.


Thanks to streaming services, high production values, and stellar effects, we live in the golden era of film and television. Earning an online degree can be a great way to enter this exciting industry and contribute to the entertainment mediums that are enjoyed around the world. The degrees mentioned in this article are just a tiny sample of what is available. Opting for hybrid degrees opens up even more avenues to make a living in the entertainment industry.

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