Online Degrees For Those Interested In The Sports Industry

Published on: April 14, 2023

The words “online” and “sports” are generally not associated, but it is actually possible to earn a degree in this field via the internet. Online degrees in sports-related fields are generally not aimed at athletes. Still, they can be ideal for anyone interested in a career that involves the business or management side of things. While athletes are pushing their bodies to the limit for their chosen sport, there’s a range of jobs behind the scenes that are required too. While it might not be as glamorous as being a top athlete, these jobs are just as vital for the sport. The sports industry is one of the biggest in the world and is filled with opportunities for more than just athletes. Check out some of the sports-related degree options available to study online. 

Bachelor of Science In Sport Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Sport Administration is an online degree aimed at students who want to become capable administrators in the sports business. Students are taught about potential legal duties and responsibilities as well as legal rights and liability prevention in the sports industry. Course topics may include Principles of Sport Administration, Issues and Ethics in Sport, Sport Management and Leadership, Sport Governance, Sport Communication, and Legal Aspects of Sport. In addition, Sport Administration Electives may include Sport and Film, Administering Intramural Activities, Sport Facility Management, International Sport, and Sport Promotion and Sales. 

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

An online Bachelor of Science in Sport Management degree is aimed at students interested in the industry’s business and economic side. This type of degree covers topics such as sports management principles, ethics, and social responsibility in the sports business. In addition, students are taught valuable skills, such as how to gather and analyze data and sharpen their communication and collaboration skills. The curriculum may include courses such as Sport Marketing, Global Sport Business, Internationalization of Sport Business, and Advanced Experiential Learning for Business. While this degree can be done online, it typically also involves an internship that can be completed at athletic departments, pro and semi-pro teams, sports marketing vendors, and more.   

Master of Science in Applied Sport Psychology

The Master of Science in Applied Sport Psychology is a fully online degree aimed at those interested in a career as a sport psychology professional. This degree can be completed in about two years and strongly focuses on applied sport psychology with topics such as Sport Physiology, Positive Psychology, Mental Health in Sport, and Diversity and Equity in Sport. In addition, this degree allows students to work towards attaining their Certified Mental Performance Consultant status with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.  

Master of Science in Athletic Administration

The online Master of Science in Athletic Administration degree is aimed at those already working in the field as teachers, coaches, or other athletic professionals. The focus of the degree is exclusively on interscholastic athletic administration. It aims to prepare students for tasks such as leading interscholastic athletics departments or developing programs providing a supportive experience for both student-athletes and staff members. This means the curriculum includes courses such as Foundations of Interscholastic Athletic Administration, Marketing in Interscholastic Athletics, and Facility and Event Management in Interscholastic Athletic Administration. In addition, those who complete the degree will be well-versed in sport law, sport risk management, sport finance, interscholastic sport governance, and much more. 

Associate of Applied Science in Sports Marketing and Media

Students looking to get their foot in the door in the sports industry can benefit from an online Associate of Applied Science in Sports Marketing and Media degree. This degree is aimed at aspiring creative professionals who can make use of social, mobile, and digital spaces to connect teams, companies, and sports businesses with fans and clients. The skills taught in this degree are helpful for everything within the field of sports business and range from communication and marketing to business development, revenue generation, and event operations. Course topics may include Psychology of Play, Marketing Research, Sports Marketing and Media, Sports Digital Production, and Sports Business Models. 

Master of Arts in Sports Journalism

The Master of Arts in Sports Journalism is an online degree aimed at students who are passionate about sports and have the desire to create stories about the industry for the news media. It covers everything that students need to know if they want to become modern-day sports journalists. This includes learning all the nuances of sports, the best practices of journalistic excellence, and culturally competent interviewing skills. In addition, since modern news reporting requires a lot of digital competencies, this degree also covers topics such as producing podcasts and digital interviews. Course topics may include Sports Journalism Today, Journalism Ethics, Sports Reporting, Business of Sports Media, and Art of the Sports Interview. 

Master of Science in Coaching and Sport Performance

The Master of Science in Coaching and Sport Performance is an online degree for students interested in a career where they can assess, evaluate, coach, and train a diverse range of athletes. These degrees cover all the most current coaching practices as well as the technological advances in sports. It is ideal for anyone with a passion for sports but prefers a more educational or leadership-based role. Course topics may include Dynamics of Skill Acquisition, Applied Sport Psychology, Strength and Conditioning Training and Technology, as well as Applied Physiology for Sport, Physical Activity, and Nutrition. This degree can help students land a job as a college scout, youth coach, high school coach, youth sports instructor, athletic performance coach, or any career that involves motivating individuals toward self-improvement.


These are just a small selection of the available online degree programs for students who want to turn their passion for sports into a career. Plenty of other avenues, such as sports nutrition, sport analytics, and exercise science, are also available to study online. The bottom line is that being an athlete is optional for many sports industry jobs.

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